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What Makes Loxdale English Centre Special

Accredited school

Loxdale is accredited by the British Council for teaching English in the UK. We just achieved 12 out of a possible 15 overall areas of strength compared with the average for British Council accredited schools of 5.7 You can read the full British Council report here . We are also members of English UK, Young Learners English UK and Sussex.

Your Welfare

We want the best for our students and to keep you safe whilst in the UK. On booking you receive a Student Handbook with lots of information so you know what to expect from your stay.  On arrival you will also have a full induction about your course and life in the UK and receive a student card with 3 emergency phone numbers so you can always contact staff in an emergency. All our staff at Loxdale have regular training, DBS checks (police checks) and references taken.

Levels of English for Adult students

Out of the summer, we offer classes for adults with pre-intermediate levels up to proficiency level.  We have had many years of experience with C1 and C2 level students, we offer more classes for this level than most schools in the UK. During the summer, we also offer classes for adults with elementary levels of English.

What makes us special

Our English language school, is in Brighton close to the city, the seaside, the countryside and beautiful villages.
We have very good transport links to London. (1hr journey)
We offer a varied social programme designed with student input.

Wonderful Teachers

All our staff want you to achieve your best and to enjoy your time in the UK.  Our academic team are here to help you improve the quality of your English.  We have an experienced team of English language teachers and many of our staff have been with us for many years. Most of our teachers are highly experienced and all are certified in teaching English as a foreign language.  They also have regular professional development training.  

Beautiful Building

Our English school in a Brighton residential suburb is is housed in three buildings on the same site – the main one a large Victorian mansion surrounded by a natural garden and trees set in beautiful surroundings. We have three buildings on site so, for the most part, we can keep the different age groups separate.  Loxdale has superior on site facilities including computer room, library, common rooms, music room, self-study room, dining room and sport hall. 

Very Affordable Prices

Our prices for adults out of the summer are very competitive.
For direct Summer Young Learners we offer a 5% discount if you book and pay before 31 March 2020.

Social Activities

At Loxdale, our English language school in Brighton, we offer our students a fantastic social programme. We make sure you have every opportunity to socialise with your fellow students and enjoy a wonderful social life. For our adults we keep the price of these activities very affordable. Young learners have all these activities included.
Don’t forget – you don’t stop learning English when you leave the classroom, there are always opportunities for learning. 


All live within a 26-minute walk from the school. We choose our homestay hosts for the quality of their accommodation and the warmth of their hosting.

A great deal of work goes into recruiting our hosts including regular visits, references, gas safety checks and, for those hosting our young learners, DBS checks (police checks).

Our Courses

Trending Courses

General English Lesson for adults at Loxdale

General English

Learn English in the company of like-minded people from around the world on this highly popular course!

Teacher at Loxdale in our adult classroom English plus

English Plus

Getting you involved, this unique programme will give you an even broader understanding of the English language at a deeper, cultural level.

Teenager summer courses

Our extremely popular Summer Young Learner course is perfect for teenagers aged between 13 and 17 years old. -

Our Unique Teaching Philosophy

Young Learner Teaching Philosophy

You will work on all language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) but we work especially hard with areas that you may not have the opportunity to develop as much at home. We call them our 4 C’s.

4 C'S


The primary purpose of learning English as a second language is to communicate with the world. We use task-based learning activities and a communicative approach to give learners practice expressing themselves solely in English.


Learning a language is not easy; it takes effort, patience, hard work and courage. Through succeeding in tasks in and out of the classroom, our students are supported in developing the confidence- and motivation- to achieve their greatest goals.


In lesson time, trips and activities, our students are exposed to a different culture to their own. We help them to develop inter-cultural understanding while introducing British core values: Democracy, Rule of Law, Individual Freedom, Respect & Tolerance.

Critical Thinking:

We encourage our students to question and think for themselves, using their own judgement, compassion and creativity. In this way, we follow Britain's 'Prevent' programme; promoting understanding and reducing the risk of radicalisation.

Adult Learner Teaching Philosophy

The Four Pillars of Learning for our adult students at Loxdale.
We work hard to ensure that you have the opportunity to develop in as many areas as possible while you are studying with us.

4 Pillars


vocabulary | grammar | speaking | listening | reading | writing | pronunciation | fluency | understanding | expression | nuance | communication |


education | employment | leisure | sport | entertainment | the arts | current affairs | politics | finance | food | hobbies | context |

Inter-Cultural communication

differences | behaviour | appropriate | expectations | nationality | dialogue | identity | characteristics | heritage | globalism | trust | understanding |

Personal Development

aspiration | opportunity | confidence | goals | motivation | community sense | support | compromise | leadership | creativity | growth | achievement

Hallway in Loxdale English Centre Main building

You can learn more about our Mission and our Values here

Our Staff

Those to keep an eye out for around the school

Anna Thatcher Profile

Anna, our Principal

My name is Anna and I’m the Principal of Loxdale English Centre. This means that I oversee all areas of the school and am responsible for the smooth running of our courses and the welfare and well-being of our students and staff.

James M oval

James, our DOS (Director of Studies)

My name is James and I am the Director of Studies, which means that I am responsible for the teaching team and the academic standards and practice of the school.

Zach social manager

Zach, Social Programme Manager

Hello, my name is Zach and I have been working at Loxdale since 2019. I was born and raised in Singapore and hopped around before studying at the University of Sussex, where I am currently studying Environment, Development, and Policy.

Jodie Oval

Jodie, Accommodation & Welfare

My name is Jodie I am an accommodation and welfare officer at Loxdale English Centre. I have worked at Loxdale since May 2014. Previously I have worked in roles such as Administration, Customer Service and caring for vulnerable adults and children.

Social Activities and Classes

Join our social and cultural activity programmes, and take advantage of all the opportunities on offer to improve your English in real world situations whilst also getting to explore some of the wonderful locations England has to offer. 

 The schedule below is based on our weekend trips currently available (Winter 2020) to our adult winter students  

(*subject to change and availability)

Adult Students: Autumn Social Programme 2021

Adults students autumn calendar 1
Adults students autumn calendar 2

Price Calculator

What our Students are saying

The course: ”That you were able to choose the courses from your own kind of interests, this made the courses feel meaningful for my own development.
About the teachers: The teachers felt really interested in the subjects they are teaching.”
About homestay: “Living in an English homestay has been very welcoming and a friendly family that instantly made me feel at home.”
About Loxdale: “Everything felt personalised like I had a big impact on my own education and what I was being taught.
Felicia Bergström
Felicia Bergström
English Plus Course
About the course: “I think it’s a brilliant mix of different courses and general English. I really enjoyed all the lectures and weekly talks as well. The schedule is formed in a good way.”
Nora Kaminsky
Nora Kaminsky
General English Course
About hosts: “The accommodation was suitable because with my host family you could practice English and have fun and good food.” About the area: “It’s very peaceful area and everything is easy to find.”
Hosam Almunajem
Hosam Almunajem
General English Course

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