Our Staff

All our staff at Loxdale English Centre are here to make your life as easy as possible whilst studying with us in Brighton. We understand that moving abroad can be challenging and we want to help you to organise your life here.

Our experienced staff are here to assist you with anything you need. Our administration team are here to help before, during and after your arrival. Anything from organising your transfer from the airport, finding you a suitable homestay hosts, to giving you directions to any place you would like to visit. We also organise an exciting Social Programme to keep you occupied outside of the lesson times.

Our academic team are here to help you improve your quality of English. We have an experienced team of English language teachers and many of our staff have been with us for many years. Through regular tutorials during the term our teachers will support you in your academic journey here with a personal focus. We aim to help our students to further develop study skills which they can take into later life.

Anna Thatcher Profile

I started at Loxdale in March 2006 and love it here. We foster a really inclusive and welcoming atmosphere so that our students are relaxed, motivated and in the best position to learn. Everyone comes with different aims and ambitions and part of my job is to make sure that we have the best resources, programme, staff and teaching team to help our students achieve their potential.

I am also one of the Safeguarding and Prevent Officers. I meet all our students regularly both formally and informally and often am the person who will do their First Day Induction talk and introduce them to our courses. I think that all my students feel that they can come and talk to me at any time about any concerns or suggestions, my office door is always open. They also have my phone number and e-mail address so they can contact me at any time of the day or night if there is an emergency.

I’m lucky enough to be one of those people who have always known what they wanted to do. When I was 7 years old my parents started a school teaching English as a Foreign language in Salisbury; The Salisbury School of English.

It was a wonderful environment to grow up in. My sisters and I learnt about cultures from all over the world and every holiday was spent either helping in the school or on visits to meet agents around Europe.

From the age of 10 I was in the classroom during the summer holidays helping the teacher, often supporting the younger, lower level students who may be shy.

At 14, I started to work properly as a courier, every holiday and weekend that I could. I would go up to Heathrow and Gatwick and spend the days there meeting new individual students and groups and help link them up with their transport back to Salisbury to meet their hosts. Then, at 16, I became a Social Organiser.

Everything I studied was to help me secure a job in the EFL world that I love. I did a degree in Business Studies and then took my RSA Celta teaching qualification. To get some experience outside of our school, I taught in Sweden for 6 months. From there, over the next 12 years, I worked in almost every role that an EFL school has, Teacher, Customer Service, Operations Manager, Residential Course Manager and I helped with host family placements and the accounts.

When my parents retired, we decided to sell the family school and I got the job as Principal for Loxdale English Centre. It was a great choice. It’s not a chain school but an educational charity. So Loxdale exists to help give as many students as possible the opportunity of studying English in the UK. I hope that clients see that I still run this school along the principles of a family run school that cares about their students.

Outside of school, I have a son and two daughters who keep me busy. I also love watching films and baking and cooking. In fact, on the Loxdale Social Programme will find baking sessions that I teach.

Student safety is also a key part of my work. I am Vice-Chairman of Sussex Safeguarding which is the first such organisation in the UK. We are a group of schools that look at various issues that may affect our adult and young learner students and encourage best practices amongst the schools.

I’m also on the Young Learners EnglishUK committee. This is a national organisation is for accredited schools who are committed to providing a safe and rewarding experience for our students. We work towards raising standards in welfare, safety and child protection.

James dos oval

My name is James and I am the Director of Studies, which means that I am responsible for the teaching team and the academic standards and practice of the school.

If students have any academic concerns or worries, I'm a person they can talk to for advice and to help them come up with challenging but achievable goals. I've been at Loxdale English Centre for two and a half years and am in my second year as 'DoS' - and I love it here.

As well as my managing, I also teach a regular cultural course called Britain Today and some short courses in Pronunciation, Grammar, Business English and Modern Media. This keeps me in the classroom on a regular basis so that I get to know all of our students directly and they know me - something we all place great importance on in the friendly, caring atmosphere of Loxdale.

I've been teaching for 15 years, having worked in several English language schools and at Sussex University as a teacher and teacher trainer. I am a member of Sussex Director of Studies Association (SDoSA), for whom I have delivered teacher development sessions. I've also worked at several Sussex state schools as one of the directors of combined arts education provider, Artichoke, as a result of my musical career. My father was a professional drummer and I grew up around music and musicians. Having watched and listened for many years, I had my own experiences - first touring Bonobo's first two albums (on Ninja Tunes and Brighton's own Tru Thoughts) before joining alt-folk 12 piece Shoreline. Their album features members of The Leisure Society and Sons of Noel and Adrian - as well as about half the acoustic projects of Brighton - and led to our becoming founder members of the Willkommen Collective and the formation of Willkommen Records. My own band, The Miserable Rich, released 5 albums and toured Europe and North America over a 7 year period. I deliver talks and lectures at Loxdale based on my experiences in and knowledge of the Brighton music scene. I'm not finding a lot of time for playing music at the moment, though I do get to be quite creative in my job.

I also like to indulge my passion for photography whenever possible and one of these days, I hope sit in on Loxdale's English Plus Photography and learn how it really should be done.

My name is Karen and I am the Accommodation/Welfare and Accounts Officer of Loxdale English Centre. I arrange the accommodation for all the students who study with us and help them with any issues they may have, be it health and well-being or accommodation.

I joined Loxdale in November 2001 and thoroughly enjoy my job. The atmosphere at school is more like a large family. I am also a Safeguarding and Prevent Officer. Students know they can talk to me at any time in the office during the day, my door is always open. They also have my mobile number if they need me out of office hours or in an emergency.

I became a host family for Loxdale in January 1987. I can still remember my first student, a lovely Swedish girl called Maria who wasn’t much younger than me!

I have always enjoyed working with people. My first job at 17 was a Hotel Receptionist. I studied Hotel Reception and Bookkeeping at Brighton Technical College and was lucky enough to get a job as soon as I finished my studies at the Madeira Hotel on Brighton seafront. In my first year I met the cast of Quadrophenia! The crew stayed at the hotel but the cast used to come join them after filming to socialise. I met Sting and was actually asked to be an extra in the film…… and said no! This was a lovely fun job to have at 17. I met some amazing people from all walks of life, young and old. I gained a lot of confidence being front of house having to deal with lots of different issues and I had a lovely view of the sea while I worked, what could be better!

When I was 19 I worked for British Telecom as a typist and then promoted at 21 to secretary to the General Manger who looked after the telecommunications for the whole of the South East. I did enjoy the work and made the lovely friends I still see regularly today.

At 34, after giving birth to Grace my third child, I worked part time as a finance secretary in a local housing association and a couple of years later I left to run an office letting company in the middle of Brighton.

During this period we had students from Loxdale, they bought with them lots of lovely memories. Frida was one of my favourites. Her family came to visit us and stayed in our home. We were lucky enough to be invited back to Sweden for a holiday with my children. It was amazing and something I will never forget.

My 3 children grew up with students staying with us from all over the world. They have always embraced new people and new cultures. I am sure it has helped form the caring young people they are today.

My eldest daughter, now 29, hosts student from Loxdale ……. Where has that time gone!

Outside of work I enjoy my family, friends and keeping fit!

Jodie Oval

My name is Jodie I am an accommodation and welfare officer at Loxdale English Centre. I have worked at Loxdale since May 2014. Previously I have worked in roles such as Administration, Customer Service and caring for vulnerable adults and children.

As an accommodation officer I visit the homestay hosts to ensure that their property is suitable to accommodate our students, we talk about what we would expect from the host whilst they are working with Loxdale and also what they can expect from the student when in their home. I ensure that any homestay that would be accommodating our young learner students has an up to date DBS check (police check).

It is then the accommodation officer’s job to match the students to homestay which is why it is very important that we receive as much information as possible on the booking forms, so that we can hopefully match the students to the correct host.

As a Welfare Officer, I am here for anybody to come and see me if they are unwell, unhappy, nervous or feeling unsettled about a situation. If you would just like to have a chat I am also here for that too. I am not only available to the students for Welfare but for Staff as well. I make doctor/dentist appointments if I you would need one or can offer advice on how to make yourself feel better before needing to see a doctor/dentist.

I love working at Loxdale as it connects me to a whole range of cultures and interesting people. I learn a lot everyday when meeting new students. There is not one day that is the same.

I am trained in student service management, first aid, and as a designated safeguarding officer.

Outside of school my hobbies are watching movies, arts and crafts. I also work for my daughters dance school.

I have a husband, son and daughter which all have their own hobbies which also keeps me very busy.

Hi All,

I have been working at Loxdale as the Digital Marketing Manager since January 2017. I absolutely hate writing blurbs about myself much like everyone else. More to come …. 

I am the newest recruitment to the Loxdale family, having started in March 2018 as an office assistant. Previously I had worked in the office of a busy, family-run language school in Salisbury.

In the 12 years between these two jobs I was a full-time, stay-at-home dad to three children which kept me very busy. During this time I got involved in village life; playing and coaching cricket, helping to run the community cinema and playing Santa at the Primary School winter Fair.

I am pleased to be working in such a professional and friendly environment as Loxdale and look forward to being able to assist many students as they pass through the school.

Zach social manager

Hello, my name is Zach and I have been working at Loxdale since 2019. I was born and raised in Singapore and hopped around before studying at the University of Sussex, where I am currently studying Environment, Development, and Policy.

I’ve been in a wide variety of social learning environments including Special Olympics in Singapore, refugee teacher training in Myanmar, Canoe Tripping in Canada, and lots of summer camps in between. As the social manager I am responsible for organising and planning for the wide range of activities and trips for students to have fun in a safe and supportive environment. I believe that organized fun can bring people together and create friendships and memories that can last a life time. It’s these kind of shared experiences I hope to provide here at Loxdale.

Working here at Loxdale has introduced me to a number of new cultures and incredible people that have taught me much and created many memories I won’t soon forget.

Outside of work and studying, I enjoy cycling, volleyball and Frisbee. I have come to love living in Brighton and am glad I am able to call it my home.

Hello, I’m Jack and I’ve been teaching at Loxdale for about 3 years now and I absolutely love it here. I’ve taught in other schools but the beautiful building, tranquil setting and community feel makes it a school like no other. I was born and bred in Brighton, something that feels like somewhat of a rarity in among English language teachers in the city. Long before I was a teacher I was a part of this industry, being a host brother (host baby brother initially) to hundreds of students that stayed with my family until I went to university. That experience definitely influenced my decision to go into this profession, along with a love of teaching.

At 18 I moved to London to study geography at university where I had my first foray into teaching, assisting in the running of higher education and geography masterclasses for students from secondary schools in the surrounding area. Once I had finished university I spent a year saving every penny so I could to travel around South America, both satisfying my desire to learn Spanish and discover more about the amazing people and cultures in that part of the world. Upon my return I decided that I would couple both my love of teaching and of learning about different parts of the world by training as an English language teacher.

Since then I’ve taught in some amazing places and gained some great experience. Firstly, in a little town outside Seville, Spain, then in Colombia where I got a position as a teacher in a university. Most recently I delivered residential training in Macedonia for employees of a multinational commercial bank. There I taught business English, general English and assisted students with a number of projects while getting the opportunity to explore a part of the world I knew very little about.

I’m currently studying to gain my diploma in English language teaching, which I am thoroughly enjoying. Along with learning about grammar and methodologies I’ve become fascinated by theories behind language acquisition. Learning a language isn’t an easy thing to do and apparently finding out how languages are learned is even trickier! I’ve also developed an interest in teaching English to those with learning difficulties. English isn’t a phonetic language, there are 44 different sounds and 26 letters so when you see a word it’s not immediately clear how to pronounce it and this can be particularly difficult for people with dyslexia. As a dyslexic person myself I’m really keen to explore ways to make life easier for students who have to overcome this obstacle.

At Loxdale I’ve been given the opportunity to teach courses that I find particularly interesting. One of which is digital media course, this explores the role that different media platforms play in people’s lives. You also get the opportunity to add to your social media skill set by creating your own content. There are loads of other amazing courses at Loxdale and I sometimes wish I were a student and not a teacher!

When I’m not teaching English there are number of things I like to do in my spare time. I’m a big fan of Brighton and Hove Albion football club and if you ever have the chance then you have to watch them play. We have an amazing stadium and some of the best supporters in the league, we’re also actually quite good at football! I’m also a really into skateboarding and have recently had the pleasure of becoming a skateboarding teacher at a local indoor skatepark so if that’s something you’d be interested in then come along to one of our classes.

Loxdale is a really special place and Brighton a fantastic city, I would love to be in your shoes and be able to come here as a student and have such an incredible experience.

Hello, my name is Oscar and I am one of the teachers at Loxdale. I teach English and also History and International Studies through our “English Plus” and “English Through” courses we offer here.

I have been a teacher at Loxdale for over two years and before that I had an interesting job working as an outdoor survival instructor, teaching survival skills to children across the UK. I have always worked in teaching of one sort or another and there is no other job I would like to do more. One of the things that is so special about Loxdale is that I am able to bring all of my different teaching experiences together, as a history graduate, an English teacher and even my outdoor teaching experiences with all of the extracurricular activities on offer at Loxdale.

There are many reasons I love teaching at Loxdale but I have to say one of the greatest is how beautiful the school and gardens are. I can still remember visiting the school for the first time and being amazed by what I saw, the period house with panelled rooms, fireplaces and winding wooden stair cases, all surrounded by green gardens! It really is a very special place to work, for both teachers and students and I feel lucky every day that I walk up the school driveway.

I wasn’t born in Brighton and it has been a real pleasure moving here. My house is very close to the sea and every day I get to cycle along the seafront to get to work, which is a fantastic way to start the day. Brighton is a vibrant and creative city, home to one of the greatest arts festivals in the UK so there is always something interesting to see and do. Brighton is also surrounded by one of Britain’s national parks, the South Downs, which has some of the most extraordinary countryside in the UK and most weekends I get to follow my love of the outdoors and explore it!

I hope to get to live in Brighton and work at Loxdale for a long time to come and I hope to meet some of you here in the future.

Kate Strachan

My name is Kate and I have been teaching Art at Loxdale for about 10 years. I am also a free-lance Artist and Textile designer. I moved to brighton as a student myself, to do a Degree in Visual Art at Brighton University, and many years later I still think it’s a great town to Live, work and play in!

I have a studio/workspace in the centre of Brighton with a group of Artists called Phoenix Art Space. We have lots of exhibitions and events there and I always make sure Loxdale students are invited. 

l have worked in a variety of materials as a designer and maker, including: costume and set design, textiles, Youth/ community projects, residencies, workshops, and carnival events.  

In my own work I make limited edition silkscreen prints onto textiles and paper. l am interested in the history, and ‘story’ of textiles used around domestic rituals such as ‘wash day’ and ‘taking tea’ 

I also paint in Acrylics and show my work in a local Gallery and exhibitions. 

I have taught at various Higher Education colleges in Sussex including Northbrook Further Education College & Horsham Foundation in Art & Design, but I particularly enjoy the relaxed, creative atmosphere at Loxdale. It’s great that so many Loxdale students have an interest in the arts and this is nurtured in the art department. 

We provide a wide range of courses that develop both creative skills and appreciation of the arts, students will be encouraged to learn new skills, or supported in developing their existing talents and interests.   



Hello, my name is Stuart and I joined Loxdale at the beginning of 2017. I started English language teaching around thirteen years ago, spending six years in Madrid and Granada, Spain. I have taught English to a variety of age groups, from 4-year-old preschool children, singing songs and dancing, to an over sixties retirement club, fielding heated debates. While working in Spain, I taught Cambridge exams such as the KET, PET, First Certificate, Advance English, and IELTS. I even delivered regular one to one classes, to the Director of the Alhambra Palace, but that’s another story!

I achieved a Diploma in Teaching English as a Secondary or Other Language (TESOL) at the University of Brighton, concentrating on anxiety in the classroom as part of my course. It has inspired me to think of as many creative ways to present the English language, in order to inspire as many individual students and learning styles as possible.

My main teaching focus here at Loxdale is the General English Language Course. My interest in language and its importance has grown throughout my teaching career. Bringing up two children bilingually (English/Spanish) gives me an insight into how a language is acquired first hand, and influences the way in which I teach in my classroom. Promoting real communication, exchanging ideas, in a relaxed atmosphere, where mistakes are encouraged, is at the heart of all Loxdale classrooms, which is why I love working here.

I have recently begun delivering three new courses, which focus more on specific areas of language learning. If you fancy brushing up on your grammar skills or taking your first steps to reading an English novel/play or piece of poetry then my Grammar or Reading courses may interest you. If drama is a subject you secretly would like to explore then I run a short course looking at characterisation, script interpretation, script writing and performance.

Outside of the classroom, I love to walk on the beautiful South Downs with my family and dog and we regularly visit the beach, when the weather is kind. I do enjoy a good pub with maybe a band playing or a British pub quiz in full swing! I much prefer being on this side of the bar, than working behind it, as I did for many years before I discovered teaching.

Having all that Brighton has to offer on my doorstep, is a pleasure and privilege, which I hope some of you reading this, will get the chance to experience in the future.

Hello, my name is Oona. I've been working at Loxdale since 2016. Before that, I was living and teaching in Hangzhou China for 2 years. I taught English as a second language to Chinese students: young learners from the age of 3 to young adults age 18. It was my first teaching experience after gaining my CELTA qualification in Barcelona. It was a fantastic experience and I got to travel all over Asia during my time there. I'm a great fan of travelling and exploring places all around the world.

I have a Masters degree in Anthropology and have an insatiable curiosity for culture and languages. I am half English, half Belgian, and was brought up in Brussels and Milan. Bilingual up until the age of eight, I learnt Italian after attending school there. I moved to the Uk for university and did my BA in European Politics. I had observed the similarities and differences in values across Belgium, Italy and the Uk and wanted to delve further into the reasons why they may have come about.

I moved to London after Leeds and worked as an exams tutor for primary school children, as well as teaching French to adults. I even did a stint in the corporate world of pharmaceutical recruitment and selling advertising for a business to business publication! I was still finding my feet when I decided to go back into full time study and returned to university to do my Masters. After completing an internship with a social research Think Tank, I decided to combine my love of teaching and travel and leave London to train as an EFL teacher.

Coming back to the West to live in Brighton after China was the best decision ever! I'm a singer and have met many musicians to collaborate with. I love the eclectic music scene Brighton has to offer and regularly go to concerts and festivals in the area. I am also very outdoorsy and love going to Devil's Dyke on a Saturday. With the sea and the South Downs so close, I really feel spoilt for choice in Brighton!

Loxdale is such a great school to work for. There's a real sense of community and everyone is there to support one another. The school building is beautiful, with lots of nooks and crannies to explore and the grounds are luscious and peaceful. It's a wonderful place to work and I feel very grateful to be a part of it!

My name’s Katy and I’ve been an English teacher at Loxdale since April 2018. I started teaching English in 1996 after gaining my initial teacher training qualification, seeing it as a way to work and travel the world at the same time. Little did I know that I would still be teaching 22 years later!

I didn't travel the world though, as I met my future husband in southern Italy, falling in love with both him and Italy. We have been together since then, living in Italy, Ireland and the UK.

I have taught in a lot of different schools, teaching all levels, ages and so many different nationalities. 22 years on, I never get bored of meeting new people from all walks of life, all ages and nationalities - it’s one of the best things about being an English teacher. As well as teaching General English, I have also prepared students for exams such as the FCE, CAE & IELTS, taught Business English and English for Specific purposes to Italian police officers and airforce pilots.

As well as teaching, I have also been involved in the more managerial side of language schools, working on course programmes and as director of studies in 2 different schools in Brighton. In addition, I am also a teacher trainer, passing on my passion and knowledge of teaching. Alongside my work at Loxdale, I am also an oral Examiner for Trinity, which takes me to Italy and Spain to examine candidates.

I came to Loxdale from a “normal” English language school, so it took me some time to adjust to the world of Loxdale, but I’m extremely glad I made the change and feel lucky to be here. Not only do I get to help students work on their General English, but I’ve also taught courses on Art Appreciation, Crime and Digital Media since coming to Loxdale. Doing such courses here provides great variety for students and teachers alike.

I also feel at home here because I’m a quarter Swedish (my surname is Fredricksson) and I feel as if I’ve come back to my roots somehow.

Loxdale is a very caring environment and because most of our students are here for a long time, everyone gets to know each other really well and this really helps me plan my lessons, around my students’ needs and interests.

When I’m not at Loxdale, I try to keep fit by cycling, running and doing Boxfit but don’t always have the time as I’m kept very busy with my two very energetic sons and 3 cats.

By the way, I think my favourite thing about Loxdale is the cat, which I call Lox.

Hello! I started teaching as a primary school teacher in Britain way back in 1997 and I did that for twelve years, in London and Manchester, before I moved to Poland to teach English. After two years there I moved to Hanoi and then I moved to Seoul. In all, I was teaching English abroad for about nine years before coming to Brighton. Over the years I have taught all levels and ages over a range of different courses and I loved every minute of it!

I have a UK teaching qualification (PGCE) and a Diploma in teaching English (DELTA). I particularly enjoy teaching English and I believe that students learn best when the classroom environment allows them to enjoy themselves and gain confidence so I try hard to ensure that they do. As well as this, I aim to provide them with strategies to learn both inside and outside the classroom.

I have a whole load of interests outside of work. I love climbing and go the local climbing wall fairly often. I live near the South Downs and I love walking in the hills. I’m also pretty keen on racquet sports. I started a part-time Masters in Applied Linguistics and Teaching English a year ago. It will take me several years to complete but I’ll get there. I’m enjoying the challenge and the interesting topics that I’m studying.

I have mainly lived in large cities around the world but really like Brighton. I love working at Loxdale as it has a really friendly atmosphere and the students mix their studies with a whole range of other activities. If you see me around, please say hi and have a chat. I look forward to meeting you!

Hello everyone, my name is Sonja. I started teaching at Loxdale in January 2019. I’m a relative newcomer to the world of teaching English language, gaining my cert TESOL qualification in April 2018. A week later I flew out to Malta where I lived and worked for the next 6 months. This was an an incredible experience, teaching students ranging from the ages of 14 to 82 who came to Malta from all over the world.

Prior to teaching I managed homes for adults with physical and learning disabilities. Having started as a support worker I gained the knowledge and skills needed to support adults in a person-centred way. On becoming a manger I was able to work with teams to ensure that the physical, social, psychological and emotional needs of individuals were met. Part of my role was to deliver training to staff within the company, an area that I grew to enjoy very much. As a social psychology graduate, I felt passionate about supporting adults with disabilities to lead fulfilled lives and towards inclusion within society.

After 20 years of working in health and social care I decided I would like to have a change of career. I thought very carefully about this, but something that I had always discussed with my family was that I’d love to teach English language. This seemed like the perfect time to follow a new career path and open new doors. So I made the decision and took the plunge! I definitely made the right choice because I love this job. I feel inspired to work with students in a creative and supportive way to try and make learning English language fun.

When I was given the opportunity to work at Loxdale I was delighted. I had walked past the school’s driveway many times when I lived in Portslade with my young family. I had always been intrigued about the building behind the trees. It really is a beautiful place to work. Loxdale school is a supportive environment to be in and there is a real sense of community. I really enjoy working here.

Outside of the classroom I enjoy walking on along the seafront or across the South Downs as well as yoga and swimming. I love living in Brighton, it’s a fantastic place to be and there is always something going on.

My name is Lucy and I have been at Loxdale since 2019. I feel very lucky to work in such a creative community, in beautiful environment alongside such good teachers, and I look forward to meeting you when you arrive and getting to know you.


I am married with 3 grown up children, and have come to teaching later in life after working in a number of other spheres. I have worked in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre, as a childminder, as a school cook, and as an entrepreneur - designing, making and selling jewellery.  I  was the co-director of a Personal Training company in Morocco, where we lived as a family for nearly 8 years, and was part of setting up a Language Centre there.


Language learning has been the common theme of the last 10 years of my life. While living in Morocco I learnt the Derija dialect of Arabic to fluency, unsuccessfully attempted learning Fus’ha (but have promised myself to come back to it!), and am now studying French at evening classes here in Brighton. We are a host family for language students, I volunteer at a ‘welcome cafe’ for international students, teach English at Loxdale, and mentor people who are living overseas trying to learn a new language and culture, so as you see….everywhere, language learning!


I am a keen gardener and together with my husband we are enjoying creating a beautiful and productive garden at home. I like re-using, re-cycling, up-cycling and I love to walk and ride my bike, but nothing too serious - cycling to school and a 5k run is more than enough for me! 


Rebecca admin

Hello, my name is Rebecca and I have just joined the Loxdale family this August as the Transfer Manager and Office Administrator.  I have lived in Brighton for almost 15 years now, prior to that I worked on a cruise ship as a Children’s Entertainer where I travelled the seas of the Caribbean and Mediterranean.  I have had various job roles including working at other language schools, I love the environment and atmosphere here at Loxdale and I am excited about my future.

Family and friends are important to me and I am always out and about in Sussex, but also like to go on holiday and explore somewhere new.

I enjoy training in the gym and have competed in body building and powerlifting over the last few years I hope to compete again next year.  I also like dancing around my house to Michael Jackson!