Summer Young Learner Course

Summer Only

Summer Young Learner Course 8-12 Year Olds


Any Monday start in the Summer

Level: Elementary to Advanced

Young learner students around a campfire

Course Description

We love running our popular pre-teen programme for children aged 8 to 12 years. We have designed our courses and train our teachers to use the natural energy and enthusiasm of the students so that their English lessons are both interactive and fun. We work hard to increase their confidence whilst still pushing them to achieve as much as possible academically. Students are tested and placed into the appropriate class with students from around the world.



English lessons 


At Loxdale we run a popular, fun and academically rigorous pre-teen course for 8 to 12 year olds. This is an age group with enormous potential as learners, and our lessons harness that through a wide range of fun and educational classroom activities of shorter duration, supported by a clear daily routine of learning. Suitable for all younger students of English, whether as an introduction to the language or as extra study for those talented students who already have a good level. In class our teachers make use of specialised EFL learning material and also use realia so students make the most of their stay in the UK. We even teach our students about the places they will visit at weekends and various aspects of British culture and traditions so they learn more than just English.

As with our courses for older students, Loxdale attracts some highly-skilled pre-teen language students, and we have the experience to make sure all students fulfil their learning goals while having a fun and memorable experience.



We take welfare very seriously at Loxdale and pride ourselves on looking after your children. Our pre-teens are supervised by our teachers and staff at all times to ensure their safety and security whilst studying with us.

Students aged 12 year old can walk to and from school if they have their parent’s permission. They will not be allowed to walk around Brighton/Hove/Portslade at any other time without a member of staff.

If a pre-teen student is living with their parent, the parent is expected to bring their child to and from school each day. We will go through their programme with you so you know what times to meet him/her.

Students aged 8 to 11 are not allowed to walk anywhere off site without a member of staff, or with their parent if they are also here. This means that, if your child is living with one of our homestay providers, they must have a daily transfer (at extra cost). This transfer will pick them up in the mornings, take them home after the activities and then bring them back for the evening activity and back home.

All parents fill in a Safeguarding Form and e-mail this to the school before their child arrives at Loxdale. This gives us information about their health and well-being.  If there is any other information about your child that would be useful for us, please either e-mail us direct or put it on their booking form. Click here to see our Safeguarding policies.

Apart from occasionally at bedtime, it is rare to get students who are homesick.  We deliberately keep our students as busy as possible with a fully inclusive programme of lessons, activities every afternoon and evening (Mondays to Fridays) and trips on Saturdays and Sundays so they don’t have too much time to miss their homes. 

At Loxdale English Centre we provide a safe, well-structured and lively environment where there is plenty of laughter and fun. We can guarantee that your child really will have a summer to remember!

 Social Activities

After their morning classes, our students then continue to have fun on our afternoon and evening social programme.

We offer a mixture of interesting and enjoyable art, crafts, drama, team games, visits and sports activities. All are supervised by our lively and caring staff with a minimum of 1 staff for 10 students on site and 1 staff per 8 students for offsite activities. We keep the staff to student ratio low to ensure that we can pay individual attention to the students and make sure they are getting the most from the activity.

  Example Course programme 
Book and pay before 31 March 2020 to get a 5% discount on your tuition fees!


2 weeks3 weeks4 weeks
Tuition & Activities£ 774£1,113£1,404
Full Board Accommodation£ 770£1,155£1,540


If 8 to 12 year olds stay in homestay accommodation without a parent, they must have host family transfer service at £70 per week
(Morning pick-up, delivery home, delivery to evening activities)

2 weeks3 weeks4 weeks5 weeks6 weeks7 weeks8 weeks
Tuition & Activities£ 774£1,113£1,404£1,755£2,106£2,387£2,728
Full Board Accommodation£ 342£ 513£ 684£ 855£1,026£1,197£1,368
TOTAL£ 1,116£1,626£2,088£2,610£3,132£3,584£4,096

The Young Learner Course programme includes:

-  Course materials

-  20 lessons (15 hours) tuition each week. Tuition with maximum of 16 students in a class.

-  End of course attendance certificate

-  Homestay accommodation in twin or single rooms or residential accommodation with between 2

and 6 students sharing on bed, breakfast & evening meal basis.

-  Packed lunches provided at school.

-  5 afternoon activities each week. A selection of activities on most days.

-  5 evening activities each week e.g. Barbecues, karaoke, discos (optional*extra £10, free activities

also available), sports, bowling, talent shows.

-  Students taken home after evening activities if they live further than a 10 minute walk.

-  Weekend trips on Saturdays AND Sundays.

Return transfers to the airports are as follows (up to 3 people in the vehicle can share costs):

Heathrow £250 return Gatwick £180 return Stansted £340 return


Booking fee £90 per person

Cooked lunch £11 per person per week

Bus pass £24 per person per week. 

Special diets (gluten free/lactose/halal etc)

£20 per person per week

Insurance £5.79 per week

Please find more information about accommodation here.


Accommodation highly recommended for this age group:  Residential Accommodation


We have both homestay and residential accommodation available for this age group during the summers. 


Residential Accommodation: 


We highly recommend that students aged 8 to 12 live at our residential centre, Truleigh Hill whilst it is open from Sunday 21 June to Sunday 19 July 2020.  Our experienced staff live at Truleigh Hill with the students to care for and supervise them. They look after them as if they were their children and make sure they are available to speak with them at any time.

At the residence, there are normally 4 to 6 students to a room and where we can, we try to have different nationalities so they will speak more English. It is only a small centre (maximum 35 students) so it feels more like a large homestay host and is welcoming and safe. Truleigh Hill is normally a Youth Hostel at the start of the South Downs walk so it’s a beautiful countryside location, only 20 minutes away from school.

Students at the residence have breakfast at the centre and then we drive them in to school. All lessons and most activities take place at Loxdale. After the activities the students use the common rooms and site at Loxdale to rest, do their homework, play computer/board games, watch films, play in the garden in their free time. Then at 6pm dinner is served at Loxdale.

The evening activities sometimes take place at Loxdale and sometimes at Truleigh Hill. If they are at Loxdale, we drive the students home afterwards.

Homestay Accommodation

Our students are welcome to live with our selected homestay hosts.  All our hosts live within a 26 minute walk from school and we do a number of checks to make sure that our students will be happy and safe there.  These checks include taking references, police checks, gas safety checks, fire risk assessments and, of course, visiting them regularly. 

Students aged 8 to 11 years old must have our daily transfer service (additional cost) to get to and from school each day.  If they are living with a parent in one of our homestay hosts, their parents can bring them to and from school.

Students aged 12 years can walk to and from school if their parents allow it and show this on the Safeguarding Form.

Normally there are two students sharing a room with their hosts.  The students will share their room with a student from a different country but similar age so that they have an ‘instant’ friend and will speak lots of English.

Pre-teen students have breakfast and dinner with their hosts and have lunch at school.

 Example Social Programme


For students aged 13-17 please see our Summer Young learner teen course.

Course Dates:
Homestay Accommodation -06 June to 15th August 2021

Residential Accommodation- 20 June to 18th July 2021

Staff Ratio : 1:10 On site & 1:8 Off site

No of student in class: Maximum 16 students

Difficulty : All levels

20 lessons p/w (15 hours p/w)

20 English and British Culture lessons per week (15 hours p/w)

Non Teaching Days: There are no lessons on Saturdays & Sundays.

One full day excursion over the weekend

Children aged 8-12 years, all nationalities

24 hours supervision

5 Afternoon and 5 Evening Activities

2 Weekend Trips

End of course certificate

Review Corner

School Holidays 2021

These are the dates when the school will be closed

Friday 29th March Easter holiday

Week of 5th April Easter Monday 

Monday 3rd May Bank holiday 

Monday 31st May Bank holiday 

Monday 30th August Bank holiday 

Monday 8th November  Holiday 

Monday 20th to 31st December Christmas 

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