Summer Young Learner Teen Course

Summer Only

Summer Young Learner Course 13-17 Year Olds


Any Monday start in the Summer

Level: Elementary to Advanced

2 female students in class

Course Description


Our extremely popular Summer Young Learner course is perfect for teenagers aged between 13 and 17 years old. We love teaching and inspiring teenagers who come from around the world to learn English and about British culture and traditions. Our course is designed to be interactive and enjoyable. We aim to ensure you become confident in speaking English and are pushed to achieve your potential within all the English skills. Loxdale English Centre is the perfect place for your course, in a safe residential area within easy reach of the city centre, countryside and with supervised visits to the beach. 


English lessons:                

Our students will have a placement test and interview on their first day so that we put them into the correct level class.  We continually monitor their progress and each Monday they have a little revision session.

One week, our teenagers will have lessons in the mornings and activities in the afternoons.  The following, they will have activities in the mornings and lessons in the afternoons. 

At Loxdale we teach our students about British culture and traditions and a little history as well as General English so they get interesting and varied tuition.   In order to support our Young Learner students, we have developed a course design which revolves around our 4 Cs; Communication, Culture, Confidence and Critical Thinking.  Our teachers incorporate different activities and exercises into their lessons to help develop these areas of knowledge and skills for our Young Learners.  Our international lessons ensure that our students need to speak English both in and out of class and will make friends from around the world.

Our courses are communicative and fun whilst pushing our students to achieve as much as they can during their stay in England.





We are proud that so many teenagers come to study at Loxdale English Centre, many who come completely alone without knowing anyone here. We know that part of the reason is that their parents understand that we do all we can to protect their children whilst they are studying with us and that their welfare is taken very seriously. We take the register regularly to make sure that everyone is at the right place at the right time and all the activities and trips are supervised by our staff.

For those students who come independently, we also have special staff who meet with them every day, Monday to Friday, to make sure they are settling in, making friends and understand their timetable. All students have the Principal’s phone number, the school emergency phone number and the Accommodation & Welfare Officers mobile numbers. We are here to support your child every step of the way during their stay at Loxdale.

With teenagers, it is also important that they have an element of free time so they can learn about independence, make friends with our other international students and try using their English in the real world. At Loxdale, we think carefully about the best/safest time to allow some free time and parents also give their permission for this. After their afternoon lessons or activities is the time that we feel is safest for students to have this free time. So at this point all our teenagers have 3 choices about what they can do in their spare time:

  • stay at school and continue to use the school facilities (sport hall, garden, computer room, social rooms, classrooms)
  • go home to their hosts or the residential common room
  • if they have permission from their parents (Safeguarding form) and stay in groups of 3 or more, they can go off-site to different areas of Portslade, Hove or Brighton centres. During this period they can be with their friends, sightsee or go shopping. They are not allowed to go to the beach or in the sea or to be by themselves.

Life in the UK is different to most other countries around the world with shops closing around 5.30pm and there are not many safe places for children to be after this time unless through organised activities.

All our students have to be home for dinner at 6pm so that they have time to get back for the evening social activities. We have a range of fun and interesting evening activities for the different age groups to join.

After the evening social activities, the teenagers who live more than a 10 minute walk from school, will have a minibus or taxi take them home so that we know all our students are home safely at night. No child (13 to 17 years) can go out after the evening school activities. The students who live less than 10 minutes’ walk, will walk home. Their hosts know what time to expect them and will call us and your child if they are not home on time.

At Loxdale English Centre we provide a safe, well-structured and lively environment where there is plenty of laughter and fun. We can guarantee that our students will have a wonderful summer to look back on!

Example Course Programme 


Book and pay before 31 March 2020 to get a 5% discount on your tuition fees!

2 weeks3 weeks4 weeks5 weeks6 weeks7 weeks8 weeks
Tuition & Activities£ 774£1,113£1,404£1,755£2,106£2,387£2,728
Full Board Accommodation£ 342£ 513£ 684£ 855£1,026£1,197£1,368
TOTAL£ 1,116£1,626£2,088£2,610£3,132£3,584£4,096


2 weeks3 weeks4 weeks
Tuition & Activities£ 774£1,113£1,404
Full Board Accommodation£ 770£1,155£1,540

The Young Learner Course programme includes:

-  Course materials

-  20 lessons (15 hours) tuition each week. Tuition with maximum of 16 students in a class.

-  End of course attendance certificate

-  Homestay accommodation in twin or single rooms or residential accommodation with between 2

and 6 students sharing on bed, breakfast & evening meal basis.

-  Packed lunches provided at school.

-  5 afternoon activities each week. A selection of activities on most days.

-  5 evening activities each week e.g. Barbecues, karaoke, discos (optional*extra £10, free activities

also available), sports, bowling, talent shows.

-  Students taken home after evening activities if they live further than a 10 minute walk.

-  Weekend trips on Saturdays AND Sundays.

Return transfers to the airports are as follows (up to 3 people in the vehicle can share costs):

Heathrow £250 return Gatwick £180 return Stansted £340 return

Booking fee £90 per person
Cooked lunch £11 per person per week
Extra English lessons (4 per week) £45 per person per week Lang Cert exam £50 per person

Bus pass £24 per person per week.

Special diets (gluten free/lactose/halal etc)

£20 per person per week

Insurance £5.79 per week

We highly recommend: Homestay accommodation for this age group.

We have both homestay and residential accommodation available for this age group during the summers. 


Homestay Accommodation

Our students are welcome to live with our selected homestay hosts.  All our hosts live within a 26 minute walk from school and we do a number of checks to make sure that our students will be happy and safe there.  These checks include taking references, police checks, gas safety checks, fire risk assessments and, of course, visiting them regularly. 

Students normally walk to and from school but they can catch a bus if they prefer.  If you wish, you can also book the daily school transfer that will take your child to and from school each day.  This is an extra cost.

Normally there are two students sharing a room with their hosts.  The students will share their room with a student from a different country but similar age so that they have an ‘instant’ friend and will speak lots of English.

Pre-teen students have breakfast and dinner with their hosts and have lunch at school.

Residential Accommodation

We normally have students aged 8 to 14 years living at our residential centre, Truleigh Hill whilst it is open from Sunday 21 June to Sunday 19 July 2020.  Older teenagers are welcome but we feel that homestay accommodation is the best for them.

Our experienced staff live at Truleigh Hill with the students to care for and supervise them. They look after them as if they were their children and make sure they are available to speak with them at any time.

At the residence, there are normally 4 to 6 students to a room and where we can, we try to have different nationalities so they will speak more English. It is only a small centre (maximum 35 students) so it feels more like a large homestay host and is welcoming and safe. Truleigh Hill is normally a Youth Hostel at the start of the South Downs walk so it’s a beautiful countryside location, only 20 minutes away from school.

Students at the residence have breakfast at the centre and then we drive them in to school. All lessons and most activities take place at Loxdale. After the activities the students use the common rooms and site at Loxdale to rest, do their homework, play computer/board games, watch films, play in the garden in their free time. Then at 6pm dinner is served at Loxdale.

The evening activities sometimes take place at Loxdale and sometimes at Truleigh Hill. If they are at Loxdale, we drive the students home afterwards.

Example Social Programme

One week students will have lessons in the mornings and the next, they will have lessons in the afternoons.

For students aged 8-12 please see our Summer Young learner teen course.


Course Dates :

Homestay Accommodation 06 June to 15 August 2021 Residential Accommodation 20 June to 18 July 2021

Staff Activity Ratio : 1:15 On site & 1:15 Off site

No of student in class: Maximum 16 students

Difficulty : All levels

Children aged 13-17 years old, all nationalities

20 lessons p/w (15 hours p/w)

20 English and British Culture lessons per week (15 hours p/w)

Non Teaching Days: There are no lessons on Saturdays & Sundays

5 Afternoon and 5 Evening Activities

2 Weekend Trips

End of course certificate

Review Corner

School Holidays 2021

These are the dates when the school will be closed

Friday 29th March Easter holiday

Week of 5th April Easter Monday 

Monday 3rd May Bank holiday 

Monday 31st May Bank holiday 

Monday 30th August Bank holiday 

Monday 8th November  Holiday 

Monday 20th to 31st December Christmas 

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