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Most frequent questions and answers for- ADULTS

Please read below to help answer any questions you may have prior to coming to study at Loxdale English Centre. If you have any questions not listed below please do not hesitate to send your questions to 

When you become a student at Loxdale you will receive a student handbook that answers many more questions in detail. 

Accommodation Questions

Yes, if you both want to share.  Normally adults have single accommodation with a homestay host.  However, if you and your friend both want to share, you just ask this at the time of booking.  Some hosts have 2 rooms so you may be able to ask for two single rooms with the same host if you prefer that.

It is rare to want or need to change your host. Please see Jodie if you are not happy with your host or are not sure about something. It is an important part of your stay in the UK and we want you to feel comfortable. Most issues can be talked through and resolved, however, if you still want to move, you must give a minimum of one complete weeks’ notice (by the latest 4pm on the Friday before the final week’s stay) or pay one week’s accommodation.

page6image13712000Your host will do one laundry load a week for you free of charge. Please ask your host how and when your laundry will be done.

If you would like more done, you could offer to pay your host, or you could visit a laundrette. There is a laundrette in Southwick Square. As a guide an ordinary load costs about £4 for one load. 5 minutes in a tumble drier costs about £2 per load. It is open from 7am to 6pm.

Yes, please do request a host that has the building requirements you need in their home. 

If your host has asked you to leave their home, there is no notice period to pay. We will discuss the reasons why you have been asked to move and look at how this will not happen again. If it is due to unreasonable behaviour by you, you will need to be mindful of your actions so that you do not cause offence or inconvenience to your new host.

If it happens on more than twice, we cannot guarantee that we can find another host for you and you may have to find your own accommodation. You will be refunded any of your remaining homestay fee.


You are responsible for any accidental damage you may cause in your homestay. You are expected to pay compensation to the host if any damage is caused. However, please always tell us if anything happens so we can help you.

Most hosts have Wi-Fi nowadays and this does not cost you anything. Please be aware that that as the host is responsible for the internet contract, you should not download any inappropriate or illegal material.

Given todays modern culture, housing costs and separated families it is becoming more rare to have families with two parents and two children.

It is important to remember that a homestay ‘family’ does not always consist of two parents with children. A couple, or widow(er) whose children have grown up and left home make excellent homestay hosts and often have much more time to chat with their students.

Even though you are an adult, your host will worry about you. They don’t mind you coming home late/early (!) but they just want to know you are safe.

If you said you were coming home at 11pm but haven’t come home by 1145pm, they will be concerned. Just give them a quick text to let them know you’ll be home much later.

Always make sure you come in quietly so that you don’t wake them when you do return.

If you are staying a long time, you may want to have a holiday for a few days. During this period there is no refund in payments. If you go away for a week (normally Sunday to Sunday), and we know about it at least 4 weeks in advance, you can get a partial refund. A retainer of 50% is still paid to your host.

Please remember to tell your homestay in advance if you are going away for the night, weekend or on a longer holiday.

If you are under 18 years old, please speak to Jodie, the Accommodation and Welfare Officer before you travel as we need parental consent before you go away.

Living in homestay accommodation is not the same as living in a hotel. You become part of the family so are expected to tidy up after yourself if you make a meal, ask permission if you want to have a guest to stay or visit and to be considerate to each other. You will be given a key to the house, but you will not have a key to your bedroom as it is not usual to have locks on bedroom doors.

Yes, they are often shared given the shortage of space in modern family homes in England. 

page5image13710960 Heating

Most people in the UK have heating on between October and April.  All forms of heating are expensive in the UK, especially electricity.  Please do not leave heaters or lights on when not required.  

In the UK the heating is not left on all the time.  Usually we put on the heating on a timer to come on between 6 and 8.30am. Then it will turn off and come on again for the afternoon and evening, often between 5 and 10pm.

Please talk with your hosts about whether they allow you to have guests visit or even stay the night occasionally.
Each host will have their own house policy. Most hosts would find it unacceptable for you to bring home a different person regularly!

Yes, you can. You do not have to watch movies and generally be with your homestay in the evenings. It is up to you to tell us what you want so we can find a homestay that has mutual expectations. Some hosts like their own space and to keep family time private but please bear in mind that the more you communicate in English the better!


Sometimes your host may have other students staying in their home. They will be a different nationality to you. You will always be the only student guest from your country.

Your homestay cannot be responsible for your money. We recommend locking it in your suitcase or handing it in to school where we can lock it in the safe for you. We recommend you have a minimum of £70 per week.

Please keep your valuables (money, credit cards, mobiles, cameras, tablets, jewellery etc) safe. Neither your host, nor Loxdale is liable for any loss or theft.

If you would like to keep anything in the school safes, please just ask.

We suggest approx £70 but of course this is based on individual spending.

All host families are within a 26 minute walk of the school, unless you are doing a Summer Intensive English course which can be further into Brighton. 

The cost of utilities (gas, electricity and water) is expensive in the UK. It is expected that you will be allowed one bath or one 10-minute shower each day. Please ask your host about the best time for you to have a bath or shower. Always leave baths, showers and toilets clean after use.


In the UK all toilet paper should be put in the toilet. All female sanitary products should be put in the bin.


You should be given clean towels and bed linen every week. Normally your host will do this. If you prefer to do it yourself, just ask your host.


You will be given a key to the house but not for your bedroom. Most bedrooms in the UK do not have a lock on them

Questions about boarding and meals

If you chose bed and breakfast, you will only have breakfast with your homestay. 

If you chose half board lunch, you will have cooked lunch at school. A varied meal is provided each day.

Students then cook their own meal at home or go out for dinner in the evenings. Please make sure you wash up and clean the kitchen straight after you have used it.

If you chose half board dinner, you will have dinner with your hosts and organise your own lunch. If you want to buy lunch at school, please book your meal before 1100 each day so that it can be ready on time. Or, you can bring your own lunch. You can heat up your own lunch in the student microwave.

The evening meal is your opportunity to practise English. Hosts are expected to sit with you during the evening meal on average 4 to 5 evenings per week. Remember to tell your hosts in advance if you will not be in for dinner. 
If we have day trips and you have lunch provided by the school, a packed lunch will be provided for you.

All half board and full board students have dinner with their hosts at the weekends. If you will not be home for dinner, we suggest you mention this to your host early in the week and ask them to provide you with a packed dinner or lunch instead of having to return home for dinner.


Yes absolutely please tell us about any dietary requirements before you arrive but please be aware that it may take longer to match you with an experienced host. 

If you chose full board, you have lunch at school and dinner with your hosts.
If we have day trips and you have lunch provided by the school, a packed lunch will be provided for you.

All half board and full board students have dinner with their hosts at the weekends. If you will not be home for dinner, we suggest you mention this to your host early in the week and ask them to provide you with a packed dinner or lunch instead of having to return home for dinner.

Adult students are expected to wash up after themselves. 

The most traditional British meals are fish & chips, sausages and mash potato, pies and mash potato, shepherds pie and our Sunday roasts (chicken, pork, beef or lamb).  Traditionally British people have a large roast dinner on Sundays but that is becoming more rare with less families able to all get together each week.  However, Britain, and Brighton in particular is very cosmopolitan so we have many different influences on our food.   Many hosts will cook a variation of some of the food you eat at home e.g. pasta but the food at your host will depend on what they enjoy eating.


Brighton has a wide range of wonderful places to eat – pubs, restaurants, cafes and street trucks and you can eat food from around the world. 

Questions about
Arrivals, Departures, Immigration & Insurance

Most frequent questions and answers

When you arrive in England you will have to show:

  • ➢  Your passport and visa (if needed). If you wish to get a Short Term Study Visa on arrival, you must tell the Immigration Officer on arrival that you plan to study in the UK and show them the papers from the school.

  • ➢  The Loxdale English Centre Booking Confirmation letter and the invoice.

  • ➢  Proof that you have enough money to support yourself while you are in the UK, and that you have paid full fees or have enough money to pay full fees. Keep these papers together in your hand-luggage so you can get to them easily. 

If you come from a country needing a visa from the UK, please arrange this in good time. Loxdale English Centre is accredited by Accreditation UK, which is a UK Border Agency approved accreditation body under the Immigration Rules for visitors. Once you have booked our course and paid the deposit, we will e-mail you the paperwork needed for a Short Term Study Visa for up to 11 months.

ALL students applying for visas need a letter of Confirmation Letter from Loxdale English Centre, evidence of your financial situation, to show that you have a reason for wanting to learn English and have the intention of returning home after the course.

If you are not sure whether you need a visa, it might be useful to look at the following website: