Winter Young Learner Course

Winter Only

Winter Young Learner Course 13-17 Year Olds


Monday set dates only

Level: Elementary to Advanced

Course Description


Our popular International Winter Young Learner course is perfect for teens aged between 13 and 17 years old. 12 year olds are able to join our course if their parents will allow them to walk to and from school on their own. It is designed to be interactive and enjoyable – to ensure you become confident in speaking English.

We provide a safe, well-structured and lively environment where there is plenty of laughter and fun and can guarantee that teenagers really will have wonderful time!






The welfare of our students is extremely important to us and we will do all we can to keep our students safe and cared for whilst they are studying at Loxdale. All our students have the phone numbers for the School Emergency phone, the Accommodation & Welfare Officer and the Principal so they can always contact us at any time. Our office doors are always open so students can also come and see us at any time. Also the Social Manager meets the independent students (students who don’t come with a group) twice a week to make sure that they have everything they need and are happy.

There is a balance to make sure that teenagers are cared for whilst still giving them some free time to practice their English skills, make friends with our other international teenagers and to learn about independence. At Loxdale, we think carefully about the safest time to allow our teenagers some spare time without the school and let their parents decide whether to give permission for this. We feel that the safest time is after the students have had their afternoon activities and before dinner time. All students must be home for dinner by 6pm so there is a natural curfew.

During their free time, teenagers can decide which of the following 3 activities they prefer to do:

  • stay at Loxdale and keep using the school facilities (sport hall, garden, computer room, social rooms or classrooms)
  • go home to their homestay hosts
  • if they have permission from their parents (Safeguarding Form) and if they stay in groups of 3 people or more, they can go offsite to different areas of Portslade, Hove or Brighton. They can then go shopping or sightseeing or just be with their friends in a cafe. For their own safety, they are not allowed to go to the beach or to be anywhere by themselves during this period.

There are many differences between the UK and other countries. One of these is that most shops close in the UK around 5.30pm and there are not many safe places for teenagers to be unless it is through one of the school’s organised activities.

After their dinner, students come back to school for one of our fun evening activity three times a week. After this evening activity, their parents can book the evening transfer (at extra cost) to take them safely home.

We are here to help and support your child throughout their stay at Loxdale English Centre and want them to have a fantastic fun experience in the UK.

English Lessons 


We offer high quality English language courses for every level of English learning – from beginner English to Advanced English. Our class sizes ensure that you’ll get individual attention and expert tuition when you study English with us.

During your lessons you will focus upon improving your English in all the key skill areas of speaking, reading, writing, listening and of course grammar. Our wonderful teachers make sure that you work hard in class, learn a lot during your time at Loxdale and have fun!

During your lessons you will also have the opportunity to learn a little more about the UK. Each week students have lessons which explore British Culture looking at topics such as British festivals, education, food and local history. You will also learn about the places you will be visiting during your weekend trips.

Social Activities


At Loxdale we do more than just English. After your lessons, you will join our programme of fun and varied afternoon and evening activities. All the activities and trips are supervised by our staff.

When you don’t have lessons you can choose from different activities such as singing lessons, cake decorating, cookery, art, films, board games and sports including football, volleyball, badminton and table tennis. There are also visits to the Royal Pavilion, Sealife Centre, the Marina, the beach and local museums for you to enjoy.

And there’s loads to do in the evenings including quizzes, sports, team games, films, social evenings, bowling, cinema, karaoke, talent shows, barbecues and many more.

 At the weekend you can join one of our trips to places such as London, Bath, Portsmouth, Oxford, Cambridge and Windsor. At Loxdale there really is something for everyone and we want to you experience as much of England and British culture as possible during your stay.






Book and pay before 31 March 2019 to get a 5% discount on your tuition fees!

2 weeks3 weeks4 weeks5 weeks6 weeks
Tuition & Activities£562£843£1124£1405£1640
Full Board Accommodation£280£420£560£700£840





Book and pay before 31 March 2019 to get a 5% discount on your tuition fees!

2 weeks3 weeks4 weeks5 weeks6 weeks7 weeks8 weeks
Tuition & Activities£ 750£1,080£1,340£1,675£2,010£2,296£2,624
Full Board Accommodation£ 338£ 507£ 676£ 845£1,014£1,183£1,352
TOTAL£ 1,088£1,587£2,016£2,520£3,024£3,479£3,976


LessonsLessonsLessons'Britain Today'
Walking Tour
of Brighton
Table Tennis
Problem Solving
Visit to Brighton shopsBaking
Free EveningTeam ChallengesBadminton
Free EveningSocial Evening
SATURDAY08:00 to 19:00Trip to Oxford
SUNDAY08:00 to 19:30Trip to London


  • Booking fee (£90)


  • One way airport transfer: Heathrow (£125), Gatwick (£90), Stansted (£170)
  • Insurance (£5.79 per week)
  • Language Certificate exam (£60 per person)
  • Cooked lunch (£11 per person per week), packed lunch is included in the price
  • 2 Intensive English lessons (£20 per person per week)
  • Bus pass (£23 per person per week)
  • All of the above options cater for vegetarians, low fat diets & allergies
  • We also cater for gluten free, dairy free diets, halal & vegan at extra cost of £20 per week

For students aged 12-16 please see our Summer Young learner teen course.

Key information

Course Dates : Homestay Accommodation 05 Jan- 9 Feb 2020

Staff Ratio : 1:10 On site & 1:8 Off site

Difficulty : All levels

20 lessons p/w (15 hours p/w)

20 English and British Culture lessons per week (15 hours p/w)

Teenagers aged 13-17 years, all nationalities
(Some 12 year olds may be able to join)

5 Afternoons & 3 evening activities

6 Weekend Trips over 4 weeks

Location: Loxdale

End of course certificate

Review Corner

Swedish Flag
Student from: Sweden
Sofia Xu
Sofia Xu@sofiaxu
Read More
Lovley school with friendly staff! And definitely a simple and fun way to improve your English and have the chance to learn more about the British lifestyle and culture.

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