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Intensive English Course


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Level: Elementary to Advanced


Course Description


If you would like to maximise the time you spend studying at Brighton’s Loxdale English Centre then, our Intensive English course would be perfect for you.

Students following our intensive programme study on our General English Course in the mornings. On Monday afternoons you have a weekly talk and then on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons you will have more English lessons. It is a total of 25 lessons (45 minutes per lesson) per week.




English Through

Loxdale’s unique teaching programme offers you the chance to personalise your learning experience. As part of the course you will learn English through a different subject for two lessons per week. This is called “English Through” and you can choose from subjects such as exam preparation, history, film, art appreciation, business English, creative writing, music appreciation and writing a children’s book.

Loxdale Lecture Series

As part of our commitment to make study time as stimulating and enlightening as possible, our students enjoy a weekly lecture on a Tuesday morning which focuses on various aspects of British life. Popular past lectures have included Homelessness, Things to do in London, British History, HIV and the Terence Higgins Trust, Presentation Techniques, Brighton Music Scene, London Architecture, Street Art, Acupuncture and Nutrition.

 30 Minute Talks

Each Monday afternoon you will be able to enjoy a 30 Minute Talk. These lively and interesting talks explore topics such as Stonehenge, London Museums, Brighton Music Venues, St Georges Day, Guy Fawkes, Cambridge, The South Downs and Christmas in Victorian England.

Britain Today

Finally, though our “Britain Today” programme you will find out more about British society. You will have two lessons each week on different aspects of modern Britain, with subjects including the welfare, educational, political and legal systems.


*Course prices only 

1 week2 weeks3 weeks4 weeks5 weeks6 weeks7 weeks8 weeks9 weeks10 weeks
11 weeks12 weeks13 weeks14 weeks15 weeks16 weeks17 weeks18 weeks19 weeks20 weeks
21 weeks22 weeks23 weeks24 weeks25 weeks26 weeks27 weeks28 weeks29 weeks30 weeks

Additional weeks are £130per week

Accommodation Options: 

Accomodation OptionsBreakfast with hostsLunch at schoolDinner with hostsDinner at weekends
Bed and Breakfast £94 per weekyesnonono
Half board lunch £116 per weekyesyesnoyes
Half board dinner £116 per weekyesnoyesyes
Full board £145 per weekyesyesyesyes

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*Half-Board Lunch, Half-Board Dinner and Full Board also include breakfast and dinner at weekends.
Please find more information about accommodation here.

All of the above options cater for vegetarians, low fat diets & allergies

  • We also cater for gluten free, dairy free diets, halal & vegan at extra cost of £20 per week


  • Booking fee (£90)
  • Course materials (£30 per 10 weeks)


  • One way airport transfer: Heathrow (£125), Gatwick (£90), Stansted (£170)
  • Insurance (£5.79 per week)
  • Cambridge or IELTS exam (between £142 and £170)

LessonsLessonsLessonsLessonsBritain Today
'English Through'
Lecture'English Through'
Welcome to use library,
self-study centre
and computer room
Welcome to use library,
self-study centre
and computer room
Welcome to use library,
self-study centre
and computer room
Welcome to use library,
self-study centre
and computer room
Welcome to use library,
self-study centre
and computer room

The School is open until 17:00. You can stay at school to use the garden, computer room, self-study room or classrooms to continue your studies or just to socialise with your friends.

The school Pavilion is open from 17:30 to 21:00, Mondays and Thursdays, for our adult students. Amongst other things, here you can listen to music, watch a film, play pool, table tennis, board games or computer games, do your homework, play piano, use the wi-fi or just relax and chat to your friends in ENGLISH!

For the summer, please see Summer Intensive English course.

Key information

Course Dates : 18 Aug - 21 Dec 2019
06 Jan - 14 June 2020
16 Aug - 20 Dec 2020

Max Availability : 14 Mornings & 16 Afternoons

Difficulty : All levels

20 lessons p/w (15 hours p/w)

25 lessons p/w (45 mins per lesson) 18.75 hours p/w total

Adults age 16+, all nationalities

FREE teacher led self-study sessions

End of the course certificate

Homework included in course: NO

Location: Loxdale English Centre

Review Corner


Alex Nicander

Alex Nicander
Alex Nicander@alexnicander
Read More
Love this place! nice staff, close to the big city Brighton and also the countryside. Really recomend this place for those that want to learn English in a fun way by exploring different subjects, the cultureand and also meet people from all around the world 🌍

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