Test your English

Please use this online English test to identify your level before you arrive. The test is designed to give you an approximate idea of your level of English to help you choose a course. 

Please use this link to access the online English test. Once you have completed the test you can choose to have the results sent directly to yourself and Loxdale.  


You can take this free English test before you enrol - Please choose one option for each question then click 'Test Result' to obtain your result and level. On your first day at Loxdale you will sit a placement test to establish your English level to place you in the correct level class.

Out of the summer we offer classes for pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper intermediate, advanced and proficiency students, so you can always be confident that you will be placed in a class that is matched to your ability.

If you are unsure of your English ability, don’t worry you can also take a look at the page below;

Council of European Language levels 

The self-assessment grid below illustrates the levels of proficiency described in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). 

The grid shows 34 scales of listening, reading, spoken interaction, spoken production and writing activities

Self assessment CEFR Levels