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English with Health & Wellbeing Course


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Intermediate to Advanced

english plus doing more yoga

Course Description


Why not make the most of your time and combine learning English with improving your health and wellbeing?

Study English in the mornings and have the chance to study and take part in various aspects of health and fitness in the afternoons.






English Lessons 

‘More than just English’ is what Loxdale courses offer our students. You will learn in a variety of different ways, through traditional lessons and lectures but also through self-study and our English Through programme.

The English Through programme offers you the chance to individualise your learning by being able to choose different subjects to study. These choices change every 4 weeks so you get to try a variety of options depending on your needs and interests. Subjects include English Through …. Reading, Creative Writing, Speaking, Speaking & Presentations, Grammar, Theatre, Art Appreciation, Music Appreciation, Business English etc.

Lessons Overview 

During the course the focus of the health classes will change in educational blocks:

  • 06 January to 31 Jan  (Nutrition 1)
  • 03 February to 28 February (Yoga and yoga philosophy)
  • 09 March to 27 March (Nutrition 2)

The nutrition course will be in two parts and include aspects of hydration, proteins (their role, vegetarian and vegan diets), carbohydrates and energy (gluten, complex and simple carbohydrates), fats and oils (saturated vs unsaturated, hydrogenated, which oils to use and when), digestion and absorption (how it works and how to improve it), balancing pH (why it’s important & how to help), the microbiome (gut bacteria & physical & mental health), vitamins & minerals (why we need them and where to get them), the liver and routes of elimination (the body’s natural detoxification processes) and an introduction to the Chinese 5 elements system.

Optional Series

Sessions below are optional because they require payment to take part in.

  • Mental health – 4 lessons (total of £20 per person)
  • Massage – 4 lessons (total of £20 per person)
  • UK official First Aid course – 1 day (total of £100 per person)

Please note, as the main learning focus of the drama lessons are not English, these are not accredited by the British Council.

Example Course Programme 

*Course prices only 

1 week2 weeks3 weeks4 weeks5 weeks6 weeks7 weeks8 weeks9 weeks10 weeks
11 weeks12 weeks13 weeks14 weeks15 weeks16 weeks17 weeks18 weeks19 weeks20 weeks
21 weeks22 weeks23 weeks24 weeks25 weeks26 weeks27 weeks28 weeks29 weeks30 weeks

Hover mouse over table and scroll to the right to see more weeks and prices.

Additional weeks are £170per week

Please find more information about accommodation here.

*Half-Board Lunch, Half-Board Dinner and Full Board also include breakfast and dinner at weekends.

We cater for vegetarians, low fat diets & allergies at no extra cost. 
-We also cater for gluten free, dairy free diets, halal & vegan at extra cost of £20 per week


-Booking fee (£90)

-Course materials (£30 per 10 weeks)


One way airport transfer: Heathrow (£125), Gatwick (£90), Stansted (£170)

-Insurance (£5.79 per week)

-Cambridge or IELTS exam (between £142 and £170)

-LanguageCert exam £45 per paper (speaking or writing)


Please visit our School Policies page to find out more about our Terms and Conditions.

Accommodation Options: 

Accomodation OptionsBreakfast with hostsLunch at schoolDinner with hostsDinner at weekends
Bed and Breakfast £94 per weekyesnonono
Half board lunch £116 per weekyesyesnoyes
Half board dinner £116 per weekyesnoyesyes
Full board £145 per weekyesyesyesyes

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Example Social Programme

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The School is open until 17:00. You can stay at school to use the garden, computer room, self-study room or classrooms to continue your studies or just to socialise with your friends.

The school Pavilion is open from 17:30 to 21:00, Mondays and Thursdays, for our adult students. Amongst other things, here you can listen to music, watch a film, play pool, table tennis, board games or computer games, do your homework, play piano, use the wi-fi or just relax and chat to your friends in ENGLISH!

Please see General English course and courses below for further course options

Course Dates 2021 :   4 to 18 January
1 to 15 February
8 to 22nd March 

Autumn 2021 Dates:
16 & 30 August
13 & 27 September
18 & 25 October
1, 15 & 22 November

Max per classroom : 14 for English and 16 per Health & Wellbeing lessons

Difficulty : Intermediate Level and up

English Lessons -25 lessons = 18.75 hours per week

21 English Lessons: & 4 English with Health & Well-being lessons per week

Adults age 16+, all nationalities

FREE teacher led self-study sessions

End of the course certificate

Homework included: YES

Review Corner

School Holidays 2021

These are the dates when the school will be closed

Friday 29th March Easter holiday

Week of 5th April Easter Monday 

Monday 3rd May Bank holiday 

Monday 31st May Bank holiday 

Monday 30th August Bank holiday 

Monday 8th November  Holiday 

Monday 20th to 31st December Christmas 

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