Most frequent questions and answers- for YOUNG LEARNERS

Please read below to help answer any questions you may have prior to coming to study at Loxdale English Centre. If you have any questions not listed below please do not hesitate to send your questions to 

When you become a student at Loxdale you will receive a student handbook that answers many more questions in detail. 

There are some terms that you need to know when reading the information below:

If you are aged 8 to 12 years old, you are a Pre-Teen Student.
If you are aged 13 to 17 years old, you are a Teenager.

If you come alone (without a group leader), you are an Independent Student.
If you come with a group of school friends and a teacher/agency staff, you are a Group Student.

We accept age 8+ in our summer course and age 12+ on our winter courses.

Accommodation - Homestay Hosts

Yes, if you both want to share.  Normally Young Learner students will share a twin room with one of our homestay hosts. The other person is normally someone of a similar age but different nationality so you have to speak English.  If you want to share with your friend, please tell us the name of your friend at the time of booking.  We still expect you to try to speak as much English as possible with your host.

It is rare to want or need to change your host.  In 2019 less than 2.5% students asked to change homestay family.  However, please see Jodie if you are not happy with your host or are not sure about something.  It is an important part of your stay in the UK and we want you to feel comfortable.  Most issues can be talked through and resolved, however, if you still want to move, Jodie will organise this.

pastedGraphic.png Laundry

Your host or the residence will do one laundry load a week for you free of charge.  Please ask your host how and when your laundry will be done.  

Yes, please do request a host that has the building requirements you need in their home. 

If your host has asked you to leave their home, we will discuss the reasons why you have been asked to move and look at how this will not happen again.  If it is due to unacceptable behaviour by you, you will need to behave differently so that you do not cause offence or inconvenience to your new host.  

If it happens on more than twice, we cannot guarantee that we can find another host for you and you may be expelled.  You will be refunded any of your remaining homestay fee.


pastedGraphic.png Electronics

You may use your telephone and tablets in your free time.  However, we will take your phones away from you on some activities.  After 10pm nobody should be using their electronic devices.

pastedGraphic.png Damage

You are responsible for any accidental damage you may cause in your homestay or at the residence.  You, or your parents, are expected to pay compensation to the host if any damage is caused.  However, please always tell us if anything happens so we can help you.


pastedGraphic.png   pastedGraphic_1.pngCommunication and the internet

The residence, and most hosts, have Wi-Fi nowadays and this does not cost you anything.  Please be aware that that you should not download any inappropriate or illegal material.

There are so many ways to keep in touch with your family and friends.  Please be considerate about the timing of your calls, playing music or computer games.  Nobody should be making calls or listening to music loudly after 10pm.  

English people generally go to bed earlier than in other parts of the world so please don’t talk too loudly when they, or their children, are asleep.




Most hosts have Wi-Fi nowadays and this does not cost you anything. Please be aware that that as the host is responsible for the internet contract, you should not download any inappropriate or illegal material.

Keep your bedroom tidy!  Your host can’t clean your bedroom if your clothes are on the floor.

It’s nice to offer to help around the house – to set the table, clear the dishes after dinner.  It’s important to speak English as much as possible so ask your hosts questions about living in England, food, holidays, family or homework.

page5image13710960 Heating

Most people in the UK have heating on between October and April.  All forms of heating are expensive in the UK, especially electricity.  Please do not leave heaters or lights on when not required.  

In the UK the heating is not left on all the time.  Usually we put on the heating on a timer to come on between 6 and 8.30am. Then it will turn off and come on again for the afternoon and evening, often between 5 and 10pm.

It is important to remember that a homestay ‘family’ does not always consist of two parents with children.  A couple, or widow(er) whose children have grown up and left home make excellent homestay hosts and often have much more time to chat with their students.


After the school activities in the evenings, you go home straight away.  Your hosts have a copy of your programme and what time you should be home.  They will call you if you are late.  If you don’t answer, they will call the school emergency phone.

Always make sure you come in quietly so that you don’t wake any small children when you return.

If you have ‘Free evening with your hosts’ on your programme, you must stay at home.  You are not allowed out to the park/shops/Brighton etc.  Please don’t ask your host to allow you to go out as they have to say no.  It’s a school rule to keep you safe.


pastedGraphic.png Night/Afternoon/Evening away

Some of our students have family or friends who live in the UK.  Your parents may want you to visit them whilst you are in the UK for your course or your family friends may wish to visit you in Brighton for an afternoon and take you out for dinner.  

This is fine for teenagers but please follow the procedure below outlined on page 42 of your handbook. 

Please note that if Loxdale is not confident that you can travel by yourself, we will not allow this trip even if you have your parent’s permission.  Your safety has to come first.

No, you become part of the family when you live with homestay accommodation so are expected to tidy up after yourself and to be considerate.  You will share the same meals and living rooms.  

In most houses, you will share the bathroom with your hosts and/or other students.  English people usually shower once a day, a 5-10-minute shower. You should hang wet towels up when you have finished. 

An English bathroom is not a wet room – you must not get water on the floor.


Sometimes your host may have other students staying in their home.  They will be a different nationality to you.  You will always be the only student guest from your country unless you have asked to share with a friend.  

Your homestay and the residence cannot be responsible for your money.  We recommend you use the school’s ‘Bank’.  See page 43 of your student handbook for more details.

pastedGraphic.png Showers and baths

The cost of utilities (gas, electricity and water) is expensive in the UK.  It is expected that you will be allowed one bath or one 10-minute shower each day.  Please ask your host about the best time for you to have a bath or shower.  Always leave baths, showers and toilets clean after use.

pastedGraphic.png pastedGraphic_1.pngTowels and Bed linen

Your host will change your bedding and give you clean towels every week.  


You may be given a key to the house, but you will not have a key to your bedroom as it is not usual to have locks on bedroom doors.

Residential Accommodation questions

Loxdale English Centre has been using this residence since 2016. It is normally a Youth Hostel called Truleigh Hill and is in the Sussex Countryside, a 20-minute drive from Loxdale. It’s a beautiful and safe area.  

Most of our Residential staff have been working with Loxdale for the past 8 years.  

There are between 2 and 6 people sharing each room.  Wherever possible, we try to mix nationalities in the rooms so that you have to speak more English.

The rooms have bunk beds with storage underneath, a wardrobe, a sink, bedside tables.  The toilets and showers are in the corridors.  The social room is upstairs and there is a large garden on the site.

Truleigh Hill has Wi-Fi and this does not cost you anything.  Please be aware that that you should not download any inappropriate or illegal material.

It is unusual not to get on with another student in your bedroom, however, please tell James (Residential Manager) or Anna (Principal) if you are not happy with your roommate or are not sure about something.  It is an important part of your stay in the UK and we want you to feel comfortable.  Most issues can be talked through and resolved, however, if you still want to move, James will organise this.


The residence is small with only between 8 and 35 students.

The centre is for students aged 8 to 14 years old.  We recommend that older children live with our homestay families.

A normal school day:

0700 to 0715 Our staff will wake you up

0730 to 0815 Breakfast

0825 Depart the residence

Day at school with lessons and activities

1800 Dinner at Loxdale

1900 Evening activities at Loxdale, or sometimes at Truleigh Hill

2100 Back home to the residence and shower time!

2115/45 Bedtime for Pre-Teens (8 to 12 years)

2215 Bedtime for Teenagers (13 & 14 years)


Sometimes our students live in a hotel, Airbnb or rented flat in Brighton with their parents whilst they study with Loxdale.  Sometimes they have a family friend who they will be living with.

There are some things to remember when in this type of accommodation:

  1. Don’t forget a packed lunch or money to buy lunch at Loxdale.  You can buy the weekly lunch at Loxdale in advance if you want.
  2. It takes about 25 minutes by bus from the centre of Brighton to Loxdale, 15 minutes by bus from Hove and between 10 and 12 minutes from Shoreham.  It is best and cheapest to buy a weekly bus card.  Please allow time to get here in time for lessons at 0845.
  3. We expect your hosts or parents to bring you to school and collect you on your first day.  It would be nice to meet them, check phone numbers and to give them information about your day.  If you are 8 to 11 years old, we expect them to bring you to and from school every day.

pastedGraphic.png Plugs and adapters

The UK uses 220/240v 3-pin plugs.  You need to bring an adapter with you.



As you probably know by now, Loxdale English is in the Brighton suburb called Portslade.  It is near Portslade Old Village (2-minute walk) and just north of the modern centre of Portslade (10-minute walk).  Portslade-by-Sea and Portslade Old Village each have their own distinctive character.

The location is excellent in a nice Brighton suburb with shops nearby, the centre of the city only a 25-minute bus ride, and the South Downs National Park only a 15-minute walk away.

Portslade Village was built up in the 16th century. The arrival of the railway from Brighton in 1840 encouraged rapid development of the coastal area and in 1896 the southern part was renamed Portslade-by-Sea, making it distinct from Portslade Village.  The village today has a post office and small store, cafés, large charity shop, garden centre, beauty parlour, take away restaurant and pubs.


Portslade Village, nestles in a valley of the South Downs and still retains its 

rural character with flint buildings, a village green and the small parish church 

of St Nicolas, dating from approx.  1150.  Other interesting buildings include 

Portslade Manor, one of the few surviving ruins of a Norman manor, built in 

the 12th century and Foredown Tower.  This has a camera obscura, one of only 

two in the south of England. It is open to the public.           

Portslade High Street

Portslade-by-Sea, to the south, straddles the small but busy seaport harbour basin of Shoreham harbour and is the industrial centre of Brighton & Hove.  Portslade train station is in Boundary Road, the main shopping area.   This area has restaurants, supermarkets, pubs and shops.   Boundary Road is, as the name suggests, the boundary between Portslade and neighbouring suburb of Hove.



The bus stop is outside school with a direct bus service to the centre taking between 20 and 25 minutes.  No. 1 and No. 1A buses go every 7 minutes during the day and every 15 minutes in the evenings.  

There are copies of the bus timetable by Reception.  

If you would like to, you can buy bus passes and find out bus times from Reception.  In 2020 weekly passes approx. £24.  

A day ticket is about £5 and is valid for the whole of Brighton & Hove.  You can travel on it all day as many times as you want.


pastedGraphic.png pastedGraphic_1.pngTowels and Bed linen

Your host will change your bedding and give you clean towels every week.  


You may be given a key to the house, but you will not have a key to your bedroom as it is not usual to have locks on bedroom doors.

Questions about boarding and meals

You will have breakfast and dinner with your homestay host and then have lunch at school, Mondays to Fridays.  For lunch you choose between a packed lunch and a cooked lunch before you come. 

At weekends, your host will also give you a packed lunch to take on your trip.


Residential students:

You will have breakfast at the residence and then have a cooked lunch and dinner at school, Mondays to Fridays.

At weekends, you will have breakfast and dinner at the residence and a packed lunch to take on your trip.

Packed lunch:    Sandwiches, packet of crisps, chocolate bar, fruit, drink


Cooked lunch:   A hot meal and choice of salads with dessert.  Meals include a variety of different pasta dishes, roast chicken with roast vegetables and potatoes, sausages and mash potatoes with vegetables, fish and chips and many more.  There are always salads to choose from too.  There is also a dessert such as fruit, ice cream, brownies, cakes, yoghurt etc.


There are always options for vegetarian students and any student with a special diet such as gluten free, halal, lactose free or kosher.

Yes absolutely please tell us about any dietary requirements before you arrive but please be aware that it may take longer to match you with an experienced host. 

The most traditional British meals are fish & chips, sausages and mash potato, pies and mash potato, shepherds pie and our Sunday roasts (chicken, pork, beef or lamb).  Traditionally British people have a large roast dinner on Sundays but that is becoming more rare with less families able to all get together each week.  However, Britain, and Brighton in particular is very cosmopolitan so we have many different influences on our food.   Many hosts will cook a variation of some of the food you eat at home e.g. pasta but the food at your host will depend on what they enjoy eating.

Brighton has a wide range of wonderful places to eat – pubs, restaurants, cafes and street trucks and you can eat food from around the world. 

All our students have to be back in time for dinner at 6pm.  Your parents have paid for you to eat your meals with your host and your hosts have made the effort to provide you with a good meal so you should normally eat at home.


However, we recognise that it’s sometimes nice to meet up with your friends to eat together, especially if there is a birthday to celebrate or someone is leaving at the weekend.  If you want – no more than once a week – you can eat out one evening.  However, this is only possible if: 


  1. you have permission for free time on your Safeguarding Form
  2. it is between Monday and Friday and you will be back at school on time for the evening activity at 7pm
  3. you ask the school and your host at least 2 days in advance
  4. the school approves your request


Questions about
Arrivals, departures & immigration & Insurance

Most frequent questions and answers

When you arrive in England you will have to show:

  • ➢  Your passport and visa (if needed). If you wish to get a Short Term Study Visa on arrival, you must tell the Immigration Officer on arrival that you plan to study in the UK and show them the papers from the school.

  • ➢  The Loxdale English Centre Booking Confirmation letter and the invoice.

  • ➢  Proof that you have enough money to support yourself while you are in the UK, and that you have paid full fees or have enough money to pay full fees. Keep these papers together in your hand-luggage so you can get to them easily. 

If you come from a country needing a visa from the UK, please arrange this in good time. Loxdale English Centre is accredited by Accreditation UK, which is a UK Border Agency approved accreditation body under the Immigration Rules for visitors. Once you have booked our course and paid the deposit, we will e-mail you the paperwork needed for a Short Term Study Visa for up to 11 months.

ALL students applying for visas need a letter of Confirmation Letter from Loxdale English Centre, evidence of your financial situation, to show that you have a reason for wanting to learn English and have the intention of returning home after the course.

If you are not sure whether you need a visa, it might be useful to look at the following website:

The best airport to use is Gatwick as it is only about 45 minutes from Loxdale.

Getting to your accommodation. If you have booked a taxi, the driver will be waiting for you as you come out from Customs with your luggage. He/She will be holding a Loxdale English Centre sign with your name on it.

No, but they will be home to welcome you when you arrive with the transfer. 

Yes.  When you get to the airport your driver will take you into the terminal and help you to check-in.  The driver will then take you to the Departure Area and watch you show your boarding card and go through security. 

General FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

On your first day please bring:  Pen/pencil

Yes you can. Follow this link to find one our approved agents in your country.

You do not need to buy any other course materials; everything will be provided for you.  We use a range of resources including class sets of books, photocopied material from resource books/realia and specially made resources by our teachers.

First Day, First Week


Most students are a little nervous on their first day, but you will receive a warm welcome here and all the staff want you to feel happy and relaxed.

Please be at school at 0850 on your first day. Normally you start with a listening test. After this you have a placement test which looks at your grammar and vocabulary knowledge. Then you will also have a welcome interview with one of the teachers so we can evaluate your speaking and listening skills. This is just for us to be able to place you in the correct level class so please don’t worry about the test. We have range of different level classes.

Around 1030 you will have a tour around the school and grounds and be introduced to everybody by Anna (Principal), Rebecca (Office Admin) or Zach (Social Manager). They will also give you more information about the school and go through the information in this Handbook.

Please just ask if you have any questions or any worries, we are here to help.

If there are more than 5 new students for testing, then this will take all morning and you will start your lessons on Tuesday.

If there are less than 5 students for testing, you will start your lessons at 1100 on Monday.

The School is not be liable for loss, damage or injury to persons or property while attending school. The student is solely responsible for the safety of any personal property they bring to School.

Students must pay for any damage caused by them to Loxdale property or any hosts. Loxdale strongly recommends that students take out personal insurance cover before travelling to Britain.

Before you travel, you need to take out insurance against cancellation or curtailment of your course for any reason, for medical expenses or for loss or damage to your property. You can buy Medical and Travel insurance through Loxdale English Centre’s provider. This is £5.79 per week or part of a week. For the full policy please ask Loxdale to e-mail it to you.

Not all health insurance covers dentists, so we highly recommend that you check that yours does.

Whoever your insurer is, normally there is an ‘excess’ fee – you have to pay the first £40 (or similar) before the insurance company will pay the rest e.g. if you have a £200 bill, you pay £40 and they pay £160.

We recommend that whenever you spend money on medical issues, always keep your receipts in case they add up to more by the time you go home.

Questions about lessons

Each lesson is 45 minutes long and normally you have 2 lessons before a break (90 minutes). 



There is a maximum of 16 students in your English class. The average is about 12 depending on the time of year.

We want you to have the opportunity to learn more English, about your trip destinations and more about British culture and traditions. 

At Loxdale we want all our students to experience different learning techniques and to learn about British culture as well as having traditional English lessons.  As part of your course you will have English lessons, E-safety, British culture lessons, revision quizzes and lessons about your trip destinations. 

Please make sure you are on time.  Lateness and absences are shown on your Attendance Certificate that you receive at the end of the course.


It can happen to anyone that they miss the bus or oversleep at some point.  However, if you are late, we will call you or your host to find out where you are.


If you are regularly late, we will discuss whether you want to stay at Loxdale. It is disruptive to other students, affects your safety, upsets lesson plans and, potentially upsets your host if you are home instead of coming to school.  This will be dealt with as a disciplinary matter and you may be expelled. Please see more details in your handbook (given when you become a student at Loxdale) 

1.                   Please speak English in these buildings.


2.                   You are expected to actively participate and join in with discussions or activities.


3.                   You are expected to do your homework each week.  Without this you will not pass the course and it slows down the course for the 

                     other students.


4.                   If you have any difficulties or suggestions, please talk to your teacher.


5.                   Turn your telephone off in class.  We may put all telephones in a box in the classroom if we can’t trust you.


6.                   No food or drink (apart from water) is allowed in the classrooms. 


You will be given homework each day. This is to be done outside class in time for the next lesson.

If you wish to change your class, you will have a meeting with your teacher and James, the Director of Studies. You will talk about the reasons. If everyone agrees, you will move to a different class.

If you are staying for 2 weeks or more, we can organise for you to take the LanguageCert exam.


This exam is taken at Loxdale. You can choose from the Speaking exam or the Writing/Reading exam. Each section costs £45.


Finding the right match between homestay and student.

Please think about and answer these questions when arranging a homestay accommodation with us. You can email your name and answers to