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Individual courses for fast learning. Our one-to-one course is wonderful for students who want to make as much progress as possible in a short time. Each course is different as it is designed exclusively for the individual student.

Students on an exclusive one-to-one course complete a pre-course questionnaire which is used to determine the content of the course. In this way we tailor-make each individual lesson and its materials to ensure that it focuses on your exact requirements. Students are expected to buy a resource or course book to use during their course.

One-to-one lessons can make it easier to learn faster as you are focusing on your requirements and the timetables are flexible to fit in around your other commitments. It is great for students wishing to study English for specific purposes such as business English, literature or for an exam.

Students can choose to study exclusively on a one-to-one course or to combine it with one of our other courses. For example the student may choose to study on our General English programme and then have some one-to-one lessons in the afternoons. This gives the student the benefit of enjoying the company of the other students in a group and individual lessons to focus on their needs with a private teacher.


* Flexible to suit your needs

* You can start any day you want during the year
For the one-to-one lessons during the summer period, please contact us at



one to one course prices

Accommodation Options: 

Accomodation OptionsBreakfast with hostsLunch at schoolDinner with hostsDinner at weekends
Bed and Breakfast £94 per weekyesnonono
Half board lunch £116 per weekyesyesnoyes
Half board dinner £116 per weekyesnoyesyes
Full board £145 per weekyesyesyesyes

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*Half-Board Lunch, Half-Board Dinner and Full Board also include breakfast and dinner at weekends.
Please find more information about accommodation here.

All of the above options cater for vegetarians, low fat diets & allergies

  • We also cater for gluten free, dairy free diets, halal & vegan at extra cost of £20 per week


  • Booking fee (£90)
  • Course materials (£30 per 10 weeks)


  • One way airport transfer: Heathrow (£125), Gatwick (£90), Stansted (£170)
  • Insurance (£5.79 per week)
  • Cambridge or IELTS exam (between £142 and £170)

Course Dates : Flexible Timetable to suit your needs

Max Availability : 1

Difficulty: All levels

20 lessons p/w (15 hours p/w)

Lessons per week: Tailored around your needs

Adults age 16+, all nationalities

FREE teacher led self-study sessions

End of the course certificate

Review Corner

Swedish Flag
Flavio Finelli
Flavio Finelli Felicia Valdemarsson
Read More
Awesome place where you never got bored because you could always find something to do. Nice and dedicated staff members and an amazing extracurricular activity programme. Also, Brighton is a vibrant and beautiful city. It was one of the best times of my life, a big thank you to everyone who was part of it!

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