10 Solid Reasons To Improve Your English 

(at Loxdale English Centre 🙂 

It’s 2020. 

Most people today know some English, right? “Hello”, “google”, “how are you?”,  

but do you have what it takes to stand out from the crowd? 

English is the most widely spoken language in the world today. It is the official language of 53 countries, established as a language in 106 countries, and is spoken by 1.4 billion people worldwide. That’s a lot of people.

In fact, right now, 1 in 5 people in the world speaks English as a native, second or foreign language, so if you are reading this blog that makes you one of this very privileged club, with many more opportunities than the other 


You know that it is going to cost time and money to take your English to the next level

so why do it? We have put together what we think are the 10 best reasons to improve your English at our language school in Brighton. 




 1. Do it for yourself.

Learning a new language makes you a more interesting person, more attractive*, and increases your confidence. You are challenging yourself, you are working hard and you are achieving something valuable. Well done you!


Dog with confidence riding the waves

2. Do it to open doors to a good job.

English puts you ahead in the jobs market. More than half of all companies take language learning into account when they are hiring. Having an English language qualification on your CV gets you an interview, and then in the interview you have the chance to shine as you show them why YOU will be an asset to their company.

Travel the globe



3. Do it to see the world.

The world is a beautiful, diverse and interesting place. You don’t need a British or American  passport to see it, but having the English language ‘in your pocket’ or ‘up your sleeve’ will be a huge help. English is the language of travel and aviation, so make life easier for yourself when you travel. Another travel idea….. become a pilot – you really will need English for that!

5. Do it for your education.

With an improved level of English you will have access to some of the best schools and universities in the world. You will be able to access more art and culture, including some of the best literature ever written, without the problems of translation. Watch films without subtitles and enjoy more music.


Reading your kindle in English

6. Do it to advance in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).

In these competitive and important areas of work you need to read and understand journals and papers that are written in high-level English, without relying on google translate. All over the world, especially in Asia and the Middle East, the STEM subjects are seen as the gateway to a brighter  future that you deserve to be part of.

7. Do it because of the internet.

80% of internet content is written in English. In a globalised world can you afford to miss so much of everything that the rest of the world has access to? News, information, shopping, sport. With English the internet is a brilliant web, and without it’s a frustrating maze. Make life easier for yourself by improving your English.

Internet access in English
Brain coming alive with new skill

9. Do it to give your brain a work-out and keep yourself young.

Language learning improves your brain fitness and positively affects your whole body. If you are a mature learner, then keeping dementia and Alzheimer’s at bay could be your number one reason for studying English! At Loxdale English Centre we have special programmes for learners who are 40+, and they are a highlight in our school calendar.

10. Do it for fun and because YOU are worth investing in.

You are unique, amazing and you only have one wonderful life. Come to Brighton to learn English and you will meet new friends from all around the world and make memories that will stay with you forever. Learn to surf, play football, explore Sussex villages, go clubbing, join a gym… Make English learning an immersive experience at Loxdale and your future-self will thank you. 

*(according to a recent study by the University of Kent, 2 out of 3 people surveyed found bilingual people more sexy than people who only speak one language)


Groups doing a color run