Adult Courses for 16 -17 Year old Students Information

The welfare and care of our students is our upmost priority here at Loxdale. Most of the students on our adult courses are aged over 18 but, out of the summer period, we do also welcome students aged 16 and 17. Loxdale English Centre provides safe and welcoming learning environment for all our students. However, we have a special responsibility for students aged 16 and 17 year olds and vulnerable adults. In the eyes of British law, 16 and 17 year olds are children and there are various laws and conditions to ensure that they are protected whilst in the UK.

The main aspects that parents should be aware of are:

  • You will have our 3 emergency contact numbers (Emergency phone number, Accommodation & Welfare Officer and Principal) so that you can contact us if it is an emergency and you are worried about your child
  • Your child will be able to meet us on a formal basis once a week to go through progress and we are available for them informally, Monday to Friday to check their welfare
  • We cannot provide 24 hour supervision
  • They will be in classes with adults aged 18 years+
  • They will make their own way to and from School
  • They must be home for dinner by 6pm, Mondays to Fridays
  • You will need to sign a Safeguarding Form to allow us to give your child medication as necessary and any dental or medical and surgical treatment, as considered necessary by the medical authorities present and so that we can see your wishes for which activities your son or daughter can take part in their free time.

Issues to note or to think about are:

  • Are you allowing them to go into Brighton & Hove in their free time? What about in the evenings?
  • What curfew do you want to set your son/daughter. The School recommends 10pm but you can set your own, no later than 11.30pm.  Don’t forget that in the UK, apart from the cinema and restaurants, everything else closes by 1830 each evening.  They won’t be allowed into pubs or clubs that are open later.
  • What evening activities are they allowed to join in? Those with the School? Are they allowed to go into Brighton & Hove by themselves in the evenings?
  • If they are on trips with the School, can they have some independent free time?
  • Are they allowed to go to visit a friend or take a tour that means staying overnight
  • Have you told them what you have agreed with the School?

Loxdale English Centre will talk to your son/daughter on arrival and go through the policies we have so they know what rules we have. We will also inform their host of what has been agreed. If there is a problem with the student breaking any major rules or regularly not following the agreed terms, we will contact you so that you know and to discuss a solution.

If your child has any questions or ideas, they can meet us informally whenever they want. He/she will also meet us on a normal basis once a week to go through progress and any issues affecting them.


Please take a look at our School Safeguarding Policies to find out more.


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Please  also take a look at our Privacy Policies to find out more.