English With British Football
Online Course

In Summer

English with British Football Online Course


Monday- Friday

B1 (Pre-Intermediate)

to B2 (Upper-Intermediate)

Kids Football


Course Description 


Love your football? Love this course! We will be learning about English in relation to British football. Topics that will be discussed and taught during the course will vary each week but may include:

• The Football Association – The story of how football started and the role of community clubs.
• The Premier League – How it became the greatest league in the world.
• Football and money – Why are football clubs so rich?
• The Champions League – The biggest annual football tournament.
• Stadiums – Historic grounds and the most recent constructions.
• Fan experience – Stories from the greatest games and footballing tragedies.
• Rules – Back passes, handballs, and VAR – how the rules of the game have changed.
• Referees – What they do and how they make the big decisions.
• The Three Lions – The English national team and their role in popular British culture.
• Players and teams - The greatest people to play the game and the clubs they play for.

In your lessons you will use video clips, discussions and debates to look at language necessary to improve your communication skills so you can talk about your opinions politely, discuss positives and negatives of situations and look at the importance of teamwork.
Together with your teacher and classmates you will work together to improve your English and football knowledge.
You will have work to prepare for the following day’s lessons each day.


Safeguarding: Keeping your child safe online


Sample Course Programme

All courses run Monday to Friday.
All lessons are 50 minutes long.
We need 6 students on a course to run it.
You can mix and match the courses e.g. You could book 5 lessons of Football £60 + 5 English & Activities sessions £40 = £100 total per week


Sample Course Programme

Option 1:   Student wants 1 activity only.

1.  You let us know if you would like a morning or afternoon session at booking depending on your time zone and availability.

2.  We will assess your level of English.

3.  We will let you know what time your activity/lesson will start.  If you have a preference, please let us know.  Otherwise you may have your lesson start at 0915 or 1030 (UK time) if you choose a morning session.

Option 2:   If a student wants two lessons a day they just continue to the next class.

For example;

first lesson at 09:15am and second lesson at 10.30am


first class at 14:00 and the second class at 15:15


Technology Information

The classes are run through Zoom Pro.

If possible, it is best for you to use a laptop or desktop computer instead of a mobile phone or tablet.

If possible, it is best for you to have your session in a room where your parents can see what you are doing.

Safeguarding: Keeping your child safe online

Course Dates :   28 June to 9 July 2021

Number of Weeks :   1 to 6 weeks
Class Duration: 50 mins

Classes per week: 1 lesson per day = 5 lessons per week
2 lessons per day= 10 lessons per week

Young Learner :     12-17 years

Difficulty : Pre- Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate

Max per classroom : 14

All Nationalities Welcome

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