English With Confidence
& Wellbeing
Young Learner
Online Course

In Summer

English With Confidence & Wellbeing


Monday- Friday

B1+ (Intermediate) to C1 (Advanced)

Health and Wellbeing


Course Description


Do you want to feel more in control and confident? Do you find it difficult to express your feelings and ask for help? Then this is the course for you.

We have a saying in English that ‘A problem shared is a problem halved’. We will not be working on your personal problem but during the classes we will look at a range of emotions and scenarios to discuss the difficulties you, as a teenager, may experience in this fast-moving world and look at possible solutions and ways to work through them.

We will be looking at different difficult topics including change, happiness, nutrition, exercise, depression, future studies/work, family issues, personal friendships and relationships, social media. Together you will have discussions and debates looking a variety of different points of view using role play, video clips, literature and news articles. Students will often be given a role different to their own so discussions are not personalised.

We may be discussing sensitive issues and our classes will be small, only 10 students to allow you to feel supported and free to talk.

We are not mental health experts but want use English and a range of topics to look at how you can increase your confidence, build resilience and find it easier to express yourselves to your friends, parents and teachers through a range of techniques. If you want, you will be able to talk to one our Designated Safeguarding Leads about any personal issues you wish to discuss in more detail.

You will have work to prepare for the following day’s lessons each day.



Safeguarding: Keeping your child safe online




Example Course Programme 

All courses run Monday to Friday.
All lessons are 50 minutes long.
We need 6 students on a course to run it.
You can mix and match the courses e.g. You could book 5 lessons of English with Confidence & Wellbeing £70 + 5 English & Activities sessions £40 = £100 total per week

Example Course Programme 

Option 1:   Student wants 1 lesson only.

1.  You let us know if you would like a morning or afternoon session at booking depending on your time zone and availability.

2.  We will assess your level of English.

3.  We will let you know what time your activity/lesson will start.  If you have a preference, please let us know.  Otherwise you may have your lesson start at 0915 or 1030 (UK time) if you choose a morning session.

Option 2:   If a student wants two lessons a day they just continue to the next class.

For example;

first lesson at 09:15am and second lesson at 10.30am


first class at 14:00 and the second class at 15:15

Technology Information

The classes are run through Zoom Pro.

If possible, it is best for you to use a laptop or desktop computer instead of a mobile phone or tablet.

If possible, it is best for you to have your session in a room where your parents can see what you are doing.

Safeguarding: Keeping your child safe online

Please see our Young Learner General English lessons


Number of Weeks :   2 to 4 weeks
Class Duration: 50 mins

Young Learners
Age 14 years -17 years

Classes per week: 1 lesson per day = 5 lessons per week
2 lessons per day= 10 lessons per week

Max per classroom : 10

Difficulty : Intermediate Level to Advanced

Homework Included

All Nationalities Welcome

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