Why not make the most of your time and combine learning English with improving your health and wellbeing?

Study English in the mornings and have the chance to study and take part in various aspects of health and fitness in the afternoons.

The English lessons:

‘More than just English’ is what Loxdale courses offer our students. You will learn in a variety of different ways, through traditional lessons and lectures but also through self-study and our English Through programme.
The English Through programme offers you the chance to individualise your learning by being able to choose different subjects to study. These choices change every 4 weeks so you get to try a variety of options depending on your needs and interests. Subjects include English Through …. Reading, Creative Writing, Speaking, Speaking & Presentations, Grammar, Theatre, Art Appreciation, Music Appreciation, Business English etc.
Overview of the health & wellbeing lessons:

During the course the focus of the health classes will change in educational blocks:

21 August to 22 September: Nutrition 1
25 September to 27 October: Yoga and yoga philosophy
30 October to 24 November: Nutrition 2
27 November to 15 December: Health Options series or
English Plus subjects

The nutrition course will be in two parts and include aspects of:

– Hydration
– Proteins, their role, vegetarian and vegan diets
– Carbohydrates and energy, gluten, complex and simple carbohydrates
– Fats and oils, saturated vs unsaturated, hydrogenated, which oils to use and when
– Digestion and absorption, how it works and how to improve it
– Balancing pH, why it’s important & how to help
– The microbiome: gut bacteria & physical & mental health
– Vitamins & Minerals, why we need them and where to get them
– The liver and routes of elimination: the body’s natural detoxification processes
– An introduction to the Chinese 5 Elements system

The Options series will include aspects of:
Mental health 4 lessons, A total of £20 per person
Massage 4 lessons, A total of £20 per person
UK official First Aid course 1 day, A total of £100 per person

These sessions are optional because they require payment to take part in.

If you choose to take part in the English Plus classes instead, you choose from:
a) Singing
b) International Studies
c) Photography 2 d) Exam preparation (IELTS & Cambridge)

These sessions are included in the course.

Free time:

Loxdale English Centre is ideally situated close to the sea, city and countryside so there are a wealth of fitness opportunities to explore.

We give you lots of ideas that you can do yourself but we also run a fun and interesting social programme with activities, visits and trips for you to join.
On site we have lots of facilities included a large garden, table tennis room and sports hall for our students to enjoy.
The School

Loxdale English Centre is the perfect location for your studies. We started in the centre of Brighton in 1968 and moved to the residential suburb Portslade in 1979.

Our school is just a 20 minute bus journey from the centre Brighton, one of Britain’s most vibrant, exciting and culturally diverse cities in the UK for students.

We have great transport links via both bus and train and we are just one hour away from central London by train.

Our school is in a beautiful, traditional English Victorian mansion and is surrounded by large gardens and trees. We have superior on-site facilities including 16 classrooms, library, self-study room with timetabled teacher-led sessions, computer suite, dining room providing hot food, snacks and drinks, sports hall, table tennis room, large garden and musical instruments including 3 pianos and lots of guitars for students to use. There is also a social room that is open each day where students can relax, socialise, play sports, watch films, study and cook.

All our host families are regularly inspected by our trained staff and are on regular bus routes within a 25 minute walk of the school.

Loxdale English Centre isn’t like most other language schools. Our motto is ‘More than just English’ and we pride ourselves on giving our students the chance to personalise their course. When you study with us you have the opportunity to learn English through studying other subjects that interest you! You will also learn more about British culture through our “Britain Today” lessons which form part of all our English courses.

We have a team of dedicated, well-trained teachers and staff who work hard to provide each student with the most enriching experience possible. We encourage all our students to make the most from their stay in the UK and give them lots of chances to use their English as well as learn it.

This, along with our extensive social programme ensures that you will have an amazing and unforgettable time studying at Loxdale.


There is an £80 booking fee on all courses. This is non-deductible and non-refundable.

2 Weeks+


Per Week

Optional Extras:
– Course materials, adults only (£27)
– One way airport transfer: Heathrow (£125), Gatwick (£89), Stansted (£169)
Insurance (£5.79 per week)
– Cambridge or IELTS exam (between £110 and £160)


Please find more information about accommodation here.


£ 86

Per Week
  • Breakfast with hosts
  • Lunch at school

  • Dinner with hosts

  • Dinner at weekends


£ 109

Per Week
  • Breakfast with hosts
  • Lunch at school

  • Dinner with hosts

  • Dinner at weekends


£ 109

Per Week
  • Breakfast with hosts
  • Lunch at school

  • Dinner with hosts

  • Dinner at weekends


£ 134

Per Week
  • Breakfast with hosts
  • Lunch at school

  • Dinner with hosts

  • Dinner at weekends

– All of the above options cater for vegeterians, low fat diets & allergies
– We also cater for gluten free, dairy free diets, halal & vegan at extra cost of £20 per week

Course Dates

08 January to 23 March 2018
28 August to 15 December 2018

Key Points

  • Adults age 16 years +
  • Level intermediate to proficiency (B1-C2)
  • All nationalities
  • Placement test
  • Maximum 14 in a class
  • 20 hours English based learning each week
  • 6 hours health & wellbeing based learning each week
  • Daily homework
  • Regular progress tutorials
  • Personalisation with ‘English Through’ lessons
  • Interesting lectures
  • 30 minute talks
  • Free teacher led self-study session twice a week
  • Use of self-study room
  • End of course certificate showing your level of English
  • Placeholder

Locks Hill, Portslade
BN41 2LA
United Kingdom

T: +44 (0) 1273 414 973
F: +44 (0) 1273 430 564


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