English & Drama Young Learner
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English & Drama Online Course


Monday- Friday

B1+ (Intermediate) to C1 (Advanced)

Teenage drama course


Course Description


Do you want to be a superstar! On stage or on film? Do people call you a drama queen? Why not join our course to improve your drama skills.

The aims of this course include developing self-confidence, imagination, individual expression and creativity.

You will study drama in a fun way through a variety of different means including exercises, improvisation, scripts and role play. Together with your teacher and classmates you will work on solos, in pairs and in small groups on a variety of interesting scripts and role play.

You will have work to prepare for the following day’s lessons each day.



Safeguarding: Keeping your child safe online




Sample Course Content 


All courses run Monday to Friday.
All lessons are 50 minutes long.
We need 6 students on a course to run it.
You can mix and match the courses e.g. You could book 5 lessons of Football £60 + 5 English & Activities sessions £40 = £100 total per week

You can mix and match the courses e.g. You could book 5 lessons of English and Drama £60 + 5 English & Activities sessions £40 = £100 total per week

Lesson start times

Option 1:   Student wants 1 lesson only.

1.  You let us know if you would like a morning or afternoon session at booking depending on your time zone and availability.

2.  We will assess your level of English.

3.  We will let you know what time your lesson will start.  If you have a preference, please let us know.  Otherwise you may have your lesson start at 0915 or 1030 (UK time) if you choose a morning session.

Option 2:   If a student wants two lessons a day they just continue to the next class.

For example;

first lesson at 09:15am and second lesson at 10.30am

first class at 14:00 and the second class at 15:15

Technology Information

The classes are run through Zoom Pro.

If possible, it is best for you to use a laptop or desktop computer instead of a mobile phone or tablet.

If possible, it is best for you to have your session in a room where your parents can see what you are doing.

Safeguarding:  Keeping your child safe online


Number of Weeks : Choose a one, two, three or four week course (you choose)
Class Duration: 50 mins

Classes per week: 1 lesson per day = 5 lessons per week
2 lessons per day= 10 lessons per week

Young Learners
Age 12-17 years

Difficulty : Intermediate Level to Advanced

Max per classroom : 16

Homework Included

All Nationalities Welcome

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