English & Art Course

Out of Summer

English and Art Course


*Set dates only*

Intermediate to Advanced

Art activity at Loxdale

Course Dates 2021 :   4 to 18 January
1 to 15 February
8 to 22nd March 
6 to 19 April 
10 to 17 May

Max per classroom : 14 for English and 16 per Art lesson

Difficulty : Intermediate Level and up

25 lessons p/w = 18.75 hours p/w
of which: Art lessons = 21 lessons
English & Art = 6 lessons

Adults age 16+, all nationalities

FREE teacher led self-study sessions

End of the course certificate

Homework included: YES

School Holidays 2021

These are the dates when the school will be closed

Friday 29th March Easter holiday

Week of 5th April Easter Monday 

Monday 3rd May Bank holiday 

Monday 31st May Bank holiday 

Monday 30th August Bank holiday 

Monday 8th November  Holiday 

Monday 20th to 31st December Christmas 

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