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English Activity Online Course


Monday- Friday

B1 (Pre-Intermediate) to C1 (Advanced)

Young Learner Activity


Course Description


Not traditional lessons but activities where you can practice your English and have fun with our social staff.



Have you been drowning in online lessons over the past few weeks? Join Loxdale English Centre to use your English for fun in an international environment. It’s such a shame that you can’t come to the UK this summer, but this will give you a little taste so that you are ready to come and meet us for Summer 2021 instead.

We have lots of fun activities that you can do with our social staff online. Sometimes you’ll need your intelligence, sometimes your imagination, sometimes your classmates, sometimes your common sense but you will always need your enthusiasm and sense of fun!

Some are active, some are passive, some you’ll do in the class and others you will need to prepare in advance, but all will be fun and use your English. So come along and enjoy our activities. These change each week and will include scavenger hunts, music reviews, story time (reading and writing them), film club including discussing films and actually doing your own, exercise workout, Dragon’s Den, Talent Show, TED talks, art based activities, debates, quizzes, baking, virtual tours of the UK and Minute To Win It games.

You can choose to join 1 or 2 activity each day. Each activity is for 50 minutes. All sessions are live with our social staff.

You will need to prepare a little in advance, so you’ll have some things to do out of the class time.


Safeguarding: Keeping your child safe online


Sample course programme

All courses run Monday to Friday.
All lessons are 50 minutes long.
We need 6 students on a course to run it.
You can mix and match the courses e.g. You could book 5 sessions of  English  Activities £40 + 5 English & lessons £60 = £100 total per week

Lesson & Activity course programme

Option 1:   Student wants 1 activity only.

1.  You let us know if you would like a morning or afternoon session at booking depending on your time zone and availability.

2.  We will assess your level of English.

3.  We will let you know what time your activity/lesson will start.  If you have a preference, please let us know.  Otherwise you may have your lesson start at 0915 or 1030 (UK time) if you choose a morning session.

Option 2:   If a student wants two lessons a day they just continue to the next class.

For example;
first lesson at 09:15am and second lesson at 10.30am

first class at 14:00 and the second class at 15:15

Technology Information

The classes are run through Zoom Pro .

If possible, it is best for you to use a laptop or desktop computer instead of a mobile phone or tablet.

If possible, it is best for you to have your session in a room where your parents can see what you are doing.


Safeguarding: Keeping your child safe online 

Please see our Young Learner General English lessons

Course Dates :   Any weeks between 14 June and 2 July 2021 and between 26 July and 13 August 2021

Difficulty : Pre- Intermediate Level to Advanced

Young Learner :   11-14 years &   15-17 years

Number of Weeks : 1 to 6 weeks
Class Duration 50 mins

    1 activity session per day = 5 activities p/w
2 activity sessions per day = 10 activities per week

Max per classroom : 14

All Nationalities Welcome

Homework Included

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