• General English

    A lively programme focusing on speaking, reading, writing, listening, pronunciation and grammar to help you communicate confidently and fluently in everyday English. After you complete your course in general English at Loxdale you will have the skills needed to hold a general conversation in your new language with confidence.

  • Intensive English

    With a full programme of morning lessons, a weekly afternoon talk and two additional afternoon lessons, this is an ideal course for students wanting to study a little more English. This course is the choice of the business professional that is looking to impress others with a more extensive vocabulary.

  • English PLUS

    A very popular course combining our General English course with the opportunity to study an exciting range of cultural and educational subjects including photography, British culture, history, art, and fashion. One of the advantages of enrolling in Loxdale’s English Language School near Brighton is the ability to enjoy your time participating in the many local activities that will immerse you in English culture. The charming English countryside near Brighton offers countless opportunities to meet new friends that will last a lifetime.

  • Summer General English

    A structured programme which covers the four skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. The main emphasis is on developing your confidence and fluency to communicate outside the classroom. In one short summer you can learn the skills you need to begin your adventure into the English language. The four skills are the foundation for your future learning.

  • Summer Intensive English

    This course makes you work a little more! In the morning you study on our highly popular Summer General English course with extra English lessons on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. Summer Intensive English is a great choice for those planning to attend University in Great Britain as well as anyone planning to look distinguished in the profitable business sector.

  • English and Art

    Explore your creative potential through this exciting and creative course which combines our General English course with a programme covering theoretical and practical approaches to art. Art has many words and concepts not covered in any general English programme. After completion of the English and Art course at Loxdale you will be able to describe advanced artistic ideals and methods with other professionals.

  • English and Drama

    Why not make the most of your time and combine learning English with your passion for performing arts? Study English in the mornings and have the chance to study and take part in various aspects of performing arts in the afternoons. One of the best ways to learn a new language is to experience performances that you enjoy in the language you are learning. The English and Drama course at Loxdale English Centre will help you learn your new language naturally while viewing thought provoking media.

  • English with Health and Well-being

    Why not make the most of your time and combine learning English with improving your health and well-being? Study English in the mornings and have the chance to study and take part in various aspects of health and fitness in the afternoons. We at Loxdale English Centre understand the importance of a healthy body to a healthy mind. Whether you are an athlete in top shape or looking to get yourself in better physical condition you will find our health and well-being English course a perfect fit.

  • Family Courses

    An educational holiday for all the family! A fantastic opportunity for your children to meet other international young learners and enables you to spend time with your children whilst following your own interests in learning English. Take away the anxiety of meeting new people as a child by accompanying your children on their journey to learn English at Loxdale English Centre. Your family will create memories for a lifetime learning a new language together.

  • English for students aged 40 Plus

    A course specially designed for mature learners of all abilities which allows you to gain confidence and strengthen your language skills by practicing everyday English in a relaxed friendly environment. It is never too late to learn a new language and visit all the places you always dreamed about.

  • One-to-One Lessons

    Ideal for students who want to make as much progress as possible in a short time. Each course is designed exclusively for the individual student to focus on their specific needs in learning English. By offering personal lessons on an individual basis Loxdale English Centre ensures that you can learn English as fast as possible. One-to-One lessons are invaluable for the hard working corporate individual looking to get ahead in the business world.

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