James - Director of Studies

James DIrector of Studies
My name is James and I am the Director of Studies, which means that I am responsible for the teaching team and the academic standards and practice of the school. If students have any academic concerns or worries, I'm a person they can talk to for advice and to help them come up with challenging but achievable goals. I've been at Loxdale English Centre for two and a half years and am in my second year as 'DoS' - and I love it here. As well as my managing, I also teach a regular cultural course called Britain Today and some short courses in Pronunciation, Grammar, Business English and Modern Media. This keeps me in the classroom on a regular basis so that I get to know all of our students directly and they know me - something we all place great importance on in the friendly, caring atmosphere of Loxdale. I've been teaching for 15 years, having worked in several English language schools and at Sussex University as a teacher and teacher trainer. I am a member of Sussex Director of Studies Association (SDoSA), for whom I have delivered teacher development sessions. I've also worked at several Sussex state schools as one of the directors of combined arts education provider, Artichoke, as a result of my musical career. My father was a professional drummer and I grew up around music and musicians. Having watched and listened for many years, I had my own experiences - first touring Bonobo's first two albums (on Ninja Tunes and Brighton's own Tru Thoughts) before joining alt-folk 12 piece Shoreline. Their album features members of The Leisure Society and Sons of Noel and Adrian - as well as about half the acoustic projects of Brighton - and led to our becoming founder members of the Willkommen Collective and the formation of Willkommen Records. My own band, The Miserable Rich, released 5 albums and toured Europe and North America over a 7 year period. I deliver talks and lectures at Loxdale based on my experiences in and knowledge of the Brighton music scene. I'm not finding a lot of time for playing music at the moment, though I do get to be quite creative in my job. I also like to indulge my passion for photography whenever possible and one of these days, I hope sit in on Loxdale's English Plus Photography and learn how it really should be done.