Teacher Sarah




Hi, my name is Sarah Quarton and I am a teacher here at Loxdale English Centre. I have been working here for seven years and think it's a great place to work. I love the fact the students get to choose what they are interested in studying and the teachers too, we get to teach subjects we are interested in.

I have been an English teacher for over 20 years, have travelled to different countries teachng English from the Czech Republic to the Reunion Island, but always come back here to teach.I love teaching English to students, I love the way its so useful and see many people just thrive while they are here. 

I have worked in many different English environments, from language schools to International schools to here in a Folk High School.  I enjoy teaching English through different subjects. Books, film, Drama and Yoga are my passion, and teaching these subjects is great.

I have also been a Yoga teacher since 2000, and feel movement and being in touch with body and mind is a very important resource. I have taught many different groups of people, from babies to teachers. Everyone can use a bit of Yoga in their their life, and Yoga whilst learning English is an added bonus.

I live in Brighton, which I love as I often go paddle boarding and like to look at the seafront from the water. It's a great thing to do here, as there are not many waves in Brighton, but when paddle boarding on a calm sea, its very relaxing and a great way to catch the sun.

My three children and sausage dog keep me busy when I am not working, they love football, well, not the dog so much,so I spend a lot of time running around watching them play football.  Being a football mum means I get to keep up to date with how Brighton and Arsenal are doing at the moment which is fun.