Teacher Oscar


International Studies




Hello, my name is Oscar and I am one of the teachers at Loxdale. I teach English and also History and International Studies through our “English Plus” and “English Through” courses we offer here.

I have been a teacher at Loxdale for over two years and before that I had an interesting job working as an outdoor survival instructor, teaching survival skills to children across the UK. I have always worked in teaching of one sort or another and there is no other job I would like to do more. One of the things that is so special about Loxdale is that I am able to bring all of my different teaching experiences together, as a history graduate, an English teacher and even my outdoor teaching experiences with all of the extracurricular activities on offer at Loxdale.

There are many reasons I love teaching at Loxdale but I have to say one of the greatest is how beautiful the school and gardens are. I can still remember visiting the school for the first time and being amazed by what I saw, the period house with panelled rooms, fireplaces and winding wooden stair cases, all surrounded by green gardens! It really is a very special place to work, for both teachers and students and I feel lucky every day that I walk up the school driveway.

I wasn’t born in Brighton and it has been a real pleasure moving here. My house is very close to the sea and every day I get to cycle along the seafront to get to work, which is a fantastic way to start the day. Brighton is a vibrant and creative city, home to one of the greatest arts festivals in the UK so there is always something interesting to see and do. Brighton is also surrounded by one of Britain’s national parks, the South Downs, which has some of the most extraordinary countryside in the UK and most weekends I get to follow my love of the outdoors and explore it!

I hope to get to live in Brighton and work at Loxdale for a long time to come and I hope to meet some of you here in the future.