Teacher Francesca




I’m Francesca and I’ve been teaching photography at Loxdale since September 2016, delivering both a beginners and a portraiture course. I’ve always loved pictures, but I became interested in creating my own when I first studied photography as part of an undergraduate Zoology degree at The University of Nottingham. I progressed to complete a MSc in Biological Photography & Imaging at Nottingham in 2007. I’ve been working as a freelance photographer ever since, and I started out by assisting photographers in a range of sectors such as editorial, corporate, event, architectural and interiors.

My personal work stems from interests in people and the environment, and with a formalised and methodological approach, I draw on my scientific background to portray humanitarian, social and environmental issues. Past projects investigate the effect of EU legislation on traditional Romanian subsistence farmers at the point of Romania joining the EU, and a meditative exploration of the Camino,

a pilgrimage walk to the town of Santiago, in the Northwest of Spain.

I recently produced an Arts Council England funded project, Bhopal: Facing 30, that portrays the site of the 1984 Bhopal gas disaster today, and the people who continue to be affected thirty years on. A book was published to commemorate the disaster’s thirtieth anniversary and the photographs were exhibited nationally and internationally and shortlisted and exhibited for Environmental Photographer of the Year 2014. The project received Special Commendations for the Nick Reeves award for Arts and the Environment in recognition of an outstanding contribution in the field of environmental arts.

As a press accredited member of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ), where I upheld the role of London Photographer’s Branch Equality Officer 2015-17, I combine my personal work with a passion for music and the performing arts. This has seen me photographing live stage shows, festivals and events for over ten years. In this time I have been shooting at intimate venues and major stage events editorially and with the production of limited edition fine art prints.

Through events and community engagement, I have developed a love of both talking about and teaching photography, and take great reward from guiding others to create new work and gain new skills. I acted as a mentor to undergraduate students during my Masters and during an Artist Residency at the University of Derby, 2015-16, and I now teach photography to 15-17 year olds as part of the National Citizen Service (NCS), a social enterprise scheme that engages young people with people of all ages, ethnicities and walks of life within their local communities; with the aim to teach new skills, connect communities and build trust. I also teach adults at Evolution Arts Centre, Brighton, where I run the beginners and intermediate digital photography courses and, after identifying the needs of the students, have curated a two-day workshop for image post production and portfolio development using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Finally, I have delivered Photography & Photoshop courses to adults at Hillcroft College, a residential college for women in London, and look forward to delivering more courses within their Digital Arts programme.