My name is Jodie I am an accommodation and welfare officer at Loxdale English Centre. I have worked at Loxdale since May 2014. Previously I have worked in roles such as Administration, Customer Service and caring for vulnerable adults and children.

As an accommodation officer I visit the homestay hosts to ensure that their property is suitable to accommodate our students, we talk about what we would expect from the host whilst they are working with Loxdale and also what they can expect from the student when in their home. I ensure that any homestay that would be accommodating our young learner students has an up to date DBS check (police check).

It is then the accommodation officer’s job to match the students to homestay which is why it is very important that we receive as much information as possible on the booking forms, so that we can hopefully match the students to the correct host.

As a Welfare Officer, I am here for anybody to come and see me if they are unwell, unhappy, nervous or feeling unsettled about a situation. If you would just like to have a chat I am also here for that too. I am not only available to the students for Welfare but for Staff as well. I make doctor/dentist appointments if I you would need one or can offer advice on how to make yourself feel better before needing to see a doctor/dentist.

I love working at Loxdale as it connects me to a whole range of cultures and interesting people. I learn a lot everyday when meeting new students. There is not one day that is the same.

I am trained in student service management, first aid, and as a designated safeguarding officer.

Outside of school my hobbies are watching movies, arts and crafts. I also work for my daughters dance school.

I have a husband, son and daughter which all have their own hobbies which also keeps me very busy.